How we Work
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How the Llanfechain Community Council Works

1. The Community Council meets once a month (except August), normally on the first Tuesday at 7.30pm prompt, in the Memorial Hall. Meeting should not exceed two hours.

2. The agenda for each meeting is published on the notice board 3 days before the meeting and on this website. Any correspondence for consideration at a meeting or suggestions for inclusion in the agenda should arrive 7 days before the date of the meeting.

3. Draft minutes of each meeting are posted on the notice board within the week following a meeting and also on this website. Any discrepancies can be raised with the Clerk before the next meeting when the Council formally agrees their validity.

4. In addition to the above the Community Council has issued a  newsletter informing all of the key issues and decisions of the Council. Councillors are also encouraged to engage with the community.

5. Members of the Community can engage with the Council by contacting a Councillor in person, by phone, email or letter; or can write to the Council through the Clerk. Correspondence that presents a new issue or proposition will be introduced at the next appropriate public meeting without identifying the author and then circulate to Councillors for consideration – they will of course become aware of the author; correspondence that represents a view on any issue or proposition that has been introduced will not be read out but circulated to Councillors before any decision is taken. All correspondence should be respectful.

6. All Council meetings are open to the public and members of the Community are encouraged to attend. The Chair may allow or even ask for input from attendees as he/she thinks appropriate.