These minutes are a draft copy only and may be subject to change before they are adopted

Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain

A meeting was held on September 6th 2016 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair)    Cllr C Richards (Vice Chair)

Cllr B Ellis       


Members of the public 7


County Cllr G Thomas


A letter of resignation had been received from Mrs J Humphreys


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as correct.


No declarations were made


 1. Severn Trent Water had delivered a letter to the Clerk, outlining their decision to develop a new temporary access route through Maes Dinas for the term of the project only. They stated that the temporary access road would be removed at the end of the upgrading work and the field would be re-instated to grassland.

Copies of petitions from Maes Dinas and Maes Derw against the use of either estate for the use of access by ST Water were submitted to the Council.


The completed application for a lottery bid for funding the new play area had been submitted to the Council, for approval. All Councillors had read the documents and agreed that a tremendous effort had been put in by committee members. Cllr Ellis proposed that Council approve and sign the application, Cllr Richards seconded. The Chair duly signed the forms.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas being absent had emailed the Council stating that he had flagged up the current highways problems and was endeavouring to ascertain when the promised re-surfacing of the B4393 would occur.

He hoped that the revival of the clustering initiative would continue and was especially interested in Council’s opinions on the options put forward to save Llanfyllin Library.

Cllr Ellis asked if other concerns about the main road could be passed on: overgrown hedges alongside the pavements on the main road and blocked drains.


Recreation Field

A letter had been received from Powys CC informing Council that the relevant stakeholders had at last agreed to allow the freehold ownership of the recreation field, to be passed over to the Community Council. There will be a number of conditions; the details of which will be outlined in the eventual contract.

Despite many attempts during the summer recess, the Clerk had failed to obtain the assistance of the Probation Service to carry out general maintenance work on the benches and repairs to the information board or the fence.

There had been issues with the grass cutting, which had been raised by Llanfechain FC, namely that too much grass had been left lying on the pitch; making it impossible to play on. LFC agreed to gather up the grass themselves and asked that this be taken into consideration when they are issued with an invoice next Spring for their contribution towards the upkeep of the field. Temporary repairs had been made to the dugout roof but these were far from satisfactory; Cllr Ellis volunteered to talk to the club about it.


A donation request had been received from the Friendly Club, Cllrs considered that a donation should be made but asked the Clerk to obtain a copy of their most recent annual accounts before deciding on a sum.

Notification had been received from HSBC that the interest rate on the Council’s Business Account would drop next month.

The Audit had been completed by Grant Thornton LLP, which had been accompanied by a Certificate of Approval from the Auditor General for Wales. Some matters were drawn to the attention of the Council, namely that in future a letter of engagement from the Internal Auditor should be sought each year, and also the approval of the appointment of the Internal Auditor should be noted in the minutes each year and submitted with the audit on an annual basis.

It was also noted that the Council had not demonstrated effective monitoring of it’s financial position throughout the year, and asked that this be rectified.

There was also 1 minor error of a donations receipt that had been incorrectly placed in the wrong box.

However, these errors of omission did not affect their opinion, and asked that they be addressed by the council in the future.


Complaints had been received about the Circular Trail and other FPs in the area: no delineation of routes, grass length, cattle in fields that FPs crossed through and overgrown access.

A reply had been received from the Enforcement Officer assuring that these complaints would be dealt with.


Complaints had been received about the noise that excessive agricultural movements along the main road and through the village had caused, which had continued until 2am. Potholes on the main road had exacerbated the noise issue, especially when the empty vehicles were driven at high speed over them.

Despite bringing these complaints to the attention of the Environmental Officer, it seemed that he was powerless to assist and suggested contacting the Police if it re-occurs.

A resident in Maes Dinas had decided to extend his garden by fencing in part of the roadside verge, which had resulted in the salt/grit box being replaced in a dangerous position on the pavement. The Clerk had already informed Highways about this hazard, but as yet nothing had been done. It was agreed to write again about it.


Notification of pollution in the River Cain had been widely announced in the media, resulting in the deaths of large numbers of fish, the source of the pollution was eventually traced as being caused by the drainage of wildlife ponds and wetland areas.

Complaints had been received about a large bonfire burning all day during the hottest days of the summer, causing fallout of ash in the village. It had also been noted that there appeared to be a general increase in bonfires in and around the village.

It was decided to print off the advisory guide from Powys CCs website to be placed on the notice board. Complaints can also be registered on their website about dangerous and impacting bonfires.   

The paper bank skip that is currently in the carpark will be removed


N Montgomeryshire Forum will hold a meeting on 13/9/206

The Memorial Hall Committee will be holding a meeting  on 14/9/2016


Correspondence had been received about the proposed revival of the Clustering initiative with Llanfyllin TC. A new and improved financial offer had been made by Powys CC for the provision of services within the cluster group. However it was noted that yet again the cost of street maintenance for Llanfechain had been omitted from the list of costs. The Clerk had already brought this to the attention of Llanfyllin TC to seek clarification.

A meeting for all participating councils will be arranged sometime in October.

Options had been put forward to prevent the closure of the library service in Llanfyllin. The preferred option appeared to be that of a contribution from each community on a pro rata basis according to membership numbers. It was anticipated that Llanfechain would make an annual payment of £1,065 as their contribution. This payment would have to come out of the Council’s annual precept, which may cause an increase in Council Tax payments.

It was decided to advertise these options widely to ask residents their opinion before the Community Council could make a decision. Residents are asked to contact either the Clerk or a Councillor with their views.


OVW – Working with Young People to encourage them to engage with local councils

Dyfed/Powys Police Commission – Introductory letter from the newly elected commissioner and an invite to put forward local priorities. Cllr Richards pointed out that road safety had not been a priority for the previous commissioner, and as Powys has some of the most dangerous roads in Wales, he considered that it should be included.

Zurich Insurance – notification that premiums will rise next year due to an increase in tax

Montytrax – offer to come to a council meeting to present a progress report



 A. One Voice Wales – payment for training - £17.50. As a bursary of 50% had been awarded towards the cost of training; a new cheque had to be re-issued. Payment proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr Richards

 B. 2 Invoices for grass cutting during June and July, a total of 4 cuts £134.40 inc. VAT. Payment proposed by Cllr Richards, seconded by Cllr Ellis


Community Account - £7299.95

Business Money Manager Account - £697.30


Late Correspondence

Invitation to complete online survey from Go Safe; campaigners for road safety

Notification of LDP progress meeting

Questions raised by the Community

A request for the Council to consider writing a letter of support for Llanfyllin High School was again put forward.

                  * A resident from Maes Dinas asked members why some of the Councillors had not responded to a request received by each of them asking to support the residents of Maes Dinas. The Chair replied that as the subject of a new access way had affected both Maes Dinas and Maes Derw, they could not be seen to support 1 estate over the other. In reply the resident accused members of being “spineless” and “that they knew nothing of what is going on in the village as they all live outside” He then went on to threaten that he would report the Council, County Councillor and A. M to the Ombudsman for failing to support the residents of Maes Dinas in their dispute with ST Water.

The meeting ended at 8.45pm

Date of next meeting 25th October 2016