A meeting was held on September 1st 2015 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr P Williams (Chairman)    Cllr B Ellis    Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)    County Cllr Thomas    Cllr H Morris        

Members of the public 8


Cllr J Humphreys had sent her apologies.


The minutes of the July meeting were accepted.


Councillors had been made aware of concerns regarding safety issues around frequent HGV vehicles turning in and out of the lane adjacent to Soar Chapel.

Responses had been received to the letters sent to Powys CC, (Highways and Planning Depts.)  and Dyfed Powys Police. The police have stated that they will monitor the situation and the planning dept. is also investigating the planning history of the lane. Unfortunately, Highways are unable to put up any warning signs as it is a private access. Cllr Williams noted that because of concerns about speeding and safety voiced in the past the Council had no option other than to report this to the appropriate authorities.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas stated that affairs at Powys CC had been quiet during August.


Recreation Field

Inspection report for August  had yet to be received

Minutes from a meeting of the Playground Project Committee were presented.

Cllr Williams proposed that acknowledging the administrative costs of the Llanfechain Playground Project e.g. hire of Memorial Hall meeting room etc. that Llanfechain Community Council donates £100 for these costs and that further administrative costs will only be considered once this money has been judicially used and accounts presented. Seconded by Cllr Ellis.

The Clerk had managed to obtain a map of subsurface electric cabling in the play area, which had been passed on to the committee.

A letter stating longevity of ownership of the recreation field will be provided to the Committee.

Cllr Williams suggested that LCC ask Fields in Trust to assess the recreation field with a view to being included in their Centenary Fields scheme. If it is approved, it will have some measure of protection and safeguards for the future. Cllr Williams then proposed that a letter be sent to PCC and copied to all those who have an interest in the recreation field, outlining the benefits of applying to this scheme, and seeking their approval. The proposal was seconded by Cllr Ellis and a draft letter will be circulated that uses this suggestion to question and hopefully then clarify the ownership, maintenance and lease of the field. Cllr Williams noted that certain inequities in the levels of lease cost and maintenance provided by PCC were apparent.

The Chair asked the Clerk to compile a list for the next meeting of historical repair costs to the play equipment and to research the possibility of VAT refunds on new equipment.


The Chair had contacted the owners on either side of FP83, from the recreation field to the main road, to ask if they could cut back the vegetation growth; this has now been carried out and it was agreed that a note of thanks be sent to the owners for their co-operation.

The Circular trail was reported as blocked and unfit for walking in parts, some kissing gates had been tied up with rope, a stile had been raised to a height that was difficult to cross, no pathways been cut through one field of maze and arrowed ROW signs had disappeared from a gateway.

The issues raised will be passed on to ROW.

The Chairman made a point to landowners that if issues are raised with LCC about problems on FP’s, they will be requested to sort the problem and if they do not, then the issue will have to be passed on to ROW.

An update had been received on the replacement of the Foot Bridge behind Brongain, which has been postponed yet again until next year. Promises were made that it has not been cancelled, but County Cllr Thomas announced that the ROW dept. could well disappear in the next 12 months, and that things were very uncertain in that department. He said, however, that he would speak to

Mark Chapman, ROW officer, about the bridge.


It was noted that the rear gate to the school from the new cemetery has fallen off and a replacement gate and posts are required. This is a matter for the school.


Montgomeryshire Local Forum –15/9/15. The Chair will attend, and let them know that LCC will not be attending any more of their meetings; clustering meetings will have to take priority.

PPG meeting 23/9/15, 7pm in Llanrhaeadr Public Hall, on the potential changes to services at Shrewsbury and Telford. The Vice Chair volunteered to go if Cllr Humphreys cannot attend.

Report from Ex Ord. Meeting of Llansantffraid CC on clustering, which was attended by the Chair. Llansantffraid expressed concerns, which have yet to be resolved.

Cllr Williams undertook to attend the proposed Llanfyllin chaired cluster meeting (date TBC) but without authority to make decisions. The Clerk was asked to confirm Llanfechain remains provisionally committed to the Llanfyllin led cluster.


Reports had been received of large numbers of flies in the past few weeks and of bad smells from the Pont y Forwen area. It was considered that they may be a result of extra activity at the chicken farm. Cllr Williams proposed that the incidents be reported to Environmental Health. Cllr Ellis seconded.


Welsh Government – Draft Directions to the Local Democracy & boundary Commission for Wales. Deadline 9/11/2015.


Fields in Trust – Centenary Fields green memorial spaces protection

Welsh Government – The Playing fields (Community Involvement in Disposal Decisions) Regulations 2015

Welsh Government - Environment & Sustainable Development Small Scale Project Funding, Deadline 11/9/2015

Public Health Wales – view poster designs for smoke free playgrounds and vote online

Welsh Government – Notice of “Support your High Street” campaign 19 – 26th September

Russell George – Health update

MHMC – minutes from last meeting


A. Request for donation from Llanfechain Church for a donation of £300 towards the mowing costs. The letters making this request will be circulated. Cllr Williams noted he had had provisional discussions on this and reported that he had been advised that a year ago the Church had engaged C Heaton to mow the Church yard at a cost of about £50 a month totaling about £350 a year; that the Church finances were stretched; and note was made that the Council had made payments to the Church for Church yard maintenance before.  The issue of whether this was a community responsibility; that C Heaton was being contracted separately by the Community Council and Church and that it was unclear what impact ‘clustering’ might have were voiced.  To be further considered at the next meeting.

B. Invoice for grass cutting in July £67.20 Inc. VAT. Payment proposed by the Vice Chair, seconded by Cllr Ellis, all agreed.


The Chair motioned a vote of thanks to the Show Committee for all their hard work to produce another enjoyable event. The Vice Chair seconded. All agreed.

Date of next meeting 6th October 2015