Report It

Report it

Please report environmental incidents by calling 03000 65 3000, and press 1 (24-hour service).

What information we need

To enable us to deal with your report as quickly as possible, please provide the following details:

* Where is/was the incident taking place? Please provide a grid reference if possible, for example, NT 252 735. Otherwise, you should provide accurate directions / descriptions of the location

* What is/was happening?

* Who is/was responsible for the incident?

* When did the incident take place?

Incidents we deal with

* damage or danger to the natural environment

* pollution of water or land * poaching or illegal fishing * suspected illegal tree felling

* fish in distress or dead fish * suspected tree disease

* wildlife crime that has already been committed (current incidents should be reported to the police via the non-emergency number, 101)

* destruction of bat roosts

* blocked main watercourses, or other blockages that might pose a risk of flooding * illegal dumping of hazardous waste or large amounts of industrial waste * incidents involving odour and noise at sites regulated by Natural Resources Wales, such as landfill sites, transfer stations etc

* burning of commercial, industrial or hazardous waste, such as asbestos, without a licence

* illegal abstraction from watercourses or alterations to watercourses made without our consent

* unusual drops in river flow

* collapsed or badly damaged river or canal banks

* damage to Sites of Special Scientific Interest

* illegal waste sites and unlicensed waste carriers

Incidents we DO NOT deal with

If you witness any of the following incidents, please notify your local council or utility company.

* gas leaks

* burst water mains

* discolouration or abnormalities in odour or taste of drinking water

* flooding from burst domestic pipes or overflow from highway drains

* fly-tipping of household rubbish or small amounts of commercial waste

* domestic noise nuisance

* odours from domestic or small commercial premises

* burning of domestic or garden waste

* domestic infestations

* smoke emissions from vehicles

* road maintenance

* interruption of electricity or water supplies

* blocked domestic drains and sewers

* dead animals

Please note: You should report sightings of dead animals to us only when they are in a main river and likely to cause flooding or pollution. You should also report sightings of dead otters and animal deaths you believe to have been caused by pollution.

Sightings of invasive/non-native species

If you see an invasive / non-native species please visit the GB Non Native Species Secretariat website for more information and details of how to report your sighting.

Marine strandings

If you spot a stranded marine animal, please visit the UK Cetacean Strandings Programme Website for details on how to file a report.

Wildlife poisoning

If you believe that any wildlife, livestock or pets have died in suspicious circumstances, please report these cases to the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme by calling 0800 321600.