Working with the Environment Agency and Severn Rivers Trust

 Guidance to farmers on ‘Good practice’  e.g. water efficiency and pollution prevention.

Stocking of Salmon Fry.

Enhance and preserve Wild Trout stocks within the Cain, Tanat and their tributaries.

Water and invertebrate monitoring.

Provision of monitoring equipment.

River bank erosion protection

Training of volunteers.

The EA and SRT provide a consultancy service on Good Practice for farmers. This details items such as how to prevent pollution of the river.  The link to their web sites can be found under Contacts.

At appropriate times of the year Salmon fry and wild trout are released into the rivers in the hope that in future years fish levels will rise when these fish mature and return to the rivers to spawn. This relies on the quality of the water and availability of invertebrates in the water providing food.

The Group has been supplied with monitoring kits and some members have been trained in their use and volunteers provide monthly counts of the types on invertebrate living in the river. This is done at a numbers of points along our rivers and helps the EA and SRT monitor the health of our local rivers.

Each year the course of the rivers, it’s fast running and flooding change the course of the river and at certain point’s erosion takes place causing the banks to collapse. Shortly the EA will be holding demonstrations of how to build ‘revetments’ to contain the river and strengthen the banks.

Certain debris such as fallen trees provides shelter for fish and these will be left in the river unless they provide a danger to people.