These minutes are a draft copy only and may be subject to change before they are adopted

Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain

A meeting was held on October 25th2016 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair)    Cllr B Ellis      

County Cllr G Thomas


Members of the public 5


Cllr Ellis could not agree that the minutes of the last meeting were correct. He requested that threats and derogatory remarks towards council members made by a member of the public at the end of the last meeting be included in the minutes. It was decided to postpone agreement of the minutes until the next meeting.


No declarations were made


Cllr Chaloner proposed Cllr Ellis to be Vice Chair, the position was accepted


1. A resignation letter had been received from Mr. C Richards, which caused the Community Council to become inquorate. The Clerk had approached the Electoral Services about the problem, who had suggested appointing County Cllr G Thomas to become a temporary Community Councillor for Llanfechain, in order to make it properly constituted, and to enable the Council to co-opt new members.

2. Powys CC had issued a deadline for a decision to be made on the future of Llanfyllin Library. Llanfyllin TC, which is currently endeavouring to reform the Cluster initiative, had put forward a revised table of contributions expected from cluster communities, which would ensure the continuation of the library for the next 5 years.

A letter had been received from a resident and circulated to Councillors, outlining an opinion on saving the library.

Cllr Chaloner proposed that Llanfechain agree to the contribution of £817 proposed to ensure the continuation of the services provided by the library. Cllr Ellis seconded.

3. Cllr Ellis nominated Cllr Chaloner to be the representative for LCC to attend the meeting of the Cluster Council on 27/10/16. Items to be discussed are the Library, catalogue of services and formation of a Community Company. It was pointed out that there were still no figures provided for supplying services to Llanfechain, a point which needed to be clarified. Cllr Chaloner proposed that Llanfechain should join the group and take up the offer of available services. Cllr Ellis seconded.

4. Applications to join the Community Council had been received from 2 residents. Co-option of both applicants was proposed by Cllr Chaloner and seconded by Cllr Ellis. They will both be invited to attend the next meeting for formal enrolment as Councillors.

5. Congratulations were expressed to the Community Shop for their recent success in winning 2 awards at the PAVO Volunteer of the Year Awards.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas stated that re surfacing of the B4393 from Llansantffraid to Bryngwyn was still expected but he was pleased to note that some remedial works had been completed.

Powys CC would be experiencing a small downturn in their budget, but no further cuts to services were anticipated. Llansantffraid Community Council was still considering their options regarding to the purchase of the public toilets and hoped to reach an agreement with Powys CC. He did warn that the car park at Llansantffraid is likely to become a pay and display park in the future. An education review for N. Powys has been postponed until next spring.


Recreation Field

The inspection sheet for October had been received

The application for transfer of ownership of the recreation field to the Community Council was approved and duly signed by both the Chair and the Clerk.


The Clerk had prepared a quarterly budget outlining expenses and income for July, August & September. Subscriptions and higher insurance costs were the only items that had exceeded the set budget for the year.

The accounts for the Friendly Club were yet to be received


An update on the replacement bridge had been forwarded to the Clerk by a member of the Ramblers Association. There was no indication of when the bridge will be replaced and no answer had been given to a query on the financial situation of the ROW department.


The salt/grit box despite being in a dangerous position on the pavement, had still not been moved, despite emails sent by the Clerk and County Cllr Thomas, who said he would prompt them again.


A public consultation is to take place on the Schedule of Further Focussed Changes. There didn’t appear to be any changes relating to Llanfechain, but there are plans to extend the area to be put over to turbines. County Cllr Thomas called for support against this plan.


Online Survey from Culture, Welsh Language & Communications Committee

Welsh Government – Land TransactionTax & Anti-avoidance of Devolved Taxes (Wales) Bill

Powys Community Health Council – Annual Review questionnaire, deadline 11/11/16

Welsh Government – National Infrastructure Commission, deadline 9/1/2017


OVW –Minutes of meetings

St. Garmon’s Church – notification of merger with other local churches

Montytrax– update on progress

Welsh Government – update on Local Government Reform

Welsh Government – draft annual report of Independent Remuneration Panel

Future Fit – uncertainties of location of future hospital services; notification of proposed public consultation sometime in December.

OVW – notification of Cabinet Secretary developments for Community & Town Councils

N Montgomeryshire Forum- Agenda for next meeting



A. Clerk’s quarterly invoice for June, July, August. Wages £403.60, office expenses £27.45. Payment proposed by Cllr Ellis seconded by Cllr Chaloner


Community Account - £9448.45 (Precept received £ 2166)

Business Money Manager Account - £697.42


Cllr Ellis raised a query received from a member of the public about the Clerk’s involvement in a petition raised by Maes Dinas against the plan by ST Water to make a permanent accessway through the estate. He considered that it could have been a conflict of interest. The Clerk assured him that was not the case as the petition had been circulated on the basis of the Clerk being a resident of the estate and at no time was the role of the Community discussed or mentioned to any of the residents when collecting signatures.

Questions raised by the Community

Council was asked why correspondence received from residents was not read out at meetings, and also considered that resignation letters should also be made available to the public. The Chair said that the council were going to review their policies and would be looking into this.

The meeting ended at 8.30pm

Date of next meeting December 6th2016

Dianne Crecraft,

Clerk to Llanfechain Community Council

23 Maes Dinas,


SY22 6YR   

Tel 01691 828542