Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain


A meeting was held on November 3rd 2015 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)    Cllr C Richards   Cllr B Ellis      Cllr J Humphreys

Members of the public 8


Cllr P Williams and  Cllr H Morris  had both sent their apologies. Cllr J Humphreys had forewarned the Clerk that she would be late.


The minutes of the October meeting were accepted as correct.


Mr Chris Richards signed a declaration of office, witnessed by the Clerk


1. It was decided that as there were so few Councillors present, that a decision on a donation to St Garmon’s Church would be postponed until the December meeting.

2. The Clerk had yet to receive a response from enquiries about the lease for the recreation field and permission from Powys CC to apply for Fields in Trust  status. However, Powys CC had rung to say that they could confirm that they do own the field.

3. Due to the absence of Councillors and needing further information about possible “clustering” expenses,  it was decided to delay a decision on the amount of precept required for 2016/17.

Cllr Ellis suggested that a separate account be opened and any excess funds held by LCC, be transferred to it, and to be earmarked as a contribution towards the purchase of equipment for the play area.

Both Cllrs Ellis and Humphreys agreed that a decision to reduce the amount of precept for next year, should be approached with caution until more details of the cost of “clustering” were forthcoming.


Recreation Field

Inspection report for November had yet to be received

Clarification on reclaiming VAT on the new play equipment, had been acquired from One Voice Wales.

A letter received from Powys CC on the Concurrent Functions Scheme, which enables Town and Community Councils to apply for funding towards expenses incurred maintaining Recreation fields, explained that due to budget cuts it will be phased out and a different scheme is hoped to be in place for 2017/18. Meanwhile the Clerk will apply for the expenses incurred for 2014/15.

Powys CC also informed LCC that the Village Hall grant scheme will be withdrawn and ended in 2018/19. The current grant will be reduced by 50% for 2016/17 and again for 2017/18


Donation request received from Citizen’s Advice, which will be considered in March 2016


The Chair and Clerk had both attended a training session , held by One Voice Wales in Machynlleth, on Community Asset Transfer. Advice was given on the various options and pifalls of transferring land or buildings owned by Powys CC, to Community/Town Councils and Voluntary Groups.

The Chair and Vice Chair had both attended a meeting in Llanfyllin held by the Town council, updating the progress of the “Cluster Group” for this area. The intention is to go ahead with the formation of a not for Profit Company, to be known as a “Community Interest Company” (CIC), in order to overcome the restrictions of the expected VAT threshold.

The Company will have a board of 12 directors, 1 named director from each Community Council in the group. A Chair will then be elected from the 12. The Company would contract work/companies to do the work Powys CC are withdrawing from in April 2016, ie Street Cleaning and  grass cutting. For this Powys CC would initially provide a budget/funding, but in the longer term, more funding  would probably be required and raised through each Community Council’s precept.

The Articles of Association have yet to be drawn up with the aid of a solicitor. LCC was asked to endorse in principle that each of the clustering councils be represented equally and agree the proposed governance structure. Cllr Chaloner proposed the endorsement, Cllr Ellis seconded, all were agreed.

Cllr Richards suggested that the timescale of decision making could turn out to be quite lengthy, if an agenda could not be produced by the Company, for discussion and determination by each community council, before the named Cllr attended a Board of Directors meeting to cast any votes.

Volunteers with business/costing experience were asked to help with the initial setting up of contracts and supply of services. Cllr Richards volunteered his services.

It was agreed to advertise for tenders to provide the services of street cleaning and grass cutting in all 12 communities.


Planning Granted for erection of single storey extension and raised patio for Listed Building Pentre Llanfechain.

The Planning Application for erection of new agricultural building at The Gables had raised a number of concerns. Councillors and the Clerk had been approached by members of the community who were dismayed on finding out that the Holy Well of St Garmon’s, a medieval site mentioned in the Domesday Book,  had been obliterated by early preparation of the area chosen for the new building.

Other concerns were raised on safety by the possible increase of large vehicles passing both the junction to the village and the junction with Soar Capel, which is a blind bend.

As the proposed building is very close to the Brogan Brook, concerns were also raised about pollution from the water run off and disposal of animal waste.

It was decided to forward these concerns to the Planning Dept.


Reports about potholes in Bwlch y Ddar will be passed on to Highways


Cllr Humphreys highlighted the attitude of some walkers using Foot Paths in the area. Some dog owners were inclined to leave the designated routes; let their dogs off the lead and use the adjoining land as a play area/park. She asked if walkers could please stick to the designated FP and respect the landowner’s property, and to also clear up any mess left by their dogs.


Village Show meeting on 9/11/2015 Cllr Ellis will attend

Cllrs Williams and Morris both attended the meeting about a  proposed cycle network in the Cain, Tanat and Vyrnwy Valleys. It was agreed at the meeting that a group be formed including representation from local Town/Community Councils to promote the development of cycle routes and if possible to use the old railway lines.

Cllr Williams proposed that LCC agree to be represented and that Cllr Morris is the representative. Seconded by Cllr Richards seconded by Cllr Ellis, all agreed.

Russell George AM – invitation to Councillors to attend a meeting in Newtown, on improving mobile phone reception in Montgomeryshire


Welsh Government - Consultation on Statutory Guidance for the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Welsh Government – Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Draft Annual Report  invites representations

Powys CC – Budget choices; an invite to the public to respond.

Welsh Government – Green paper on improving the quality of healthcare services in Wales.


Powys CC – Update on 3 weekly rubbish collections. Beginning 23/11/2015

Russell George – October newsletter and update on Newtown Bypass

Powys CC – News release about winners of their annual garden competition; a local winner from Llanfechain. It was agreed to send a letter of congratulations to Mr J H Parry on his achievements.


A. Invoiceof £80 received for payment of hire of the Memorial Hall for meetings during the past 12 months. Payment was proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr Richards, all agreed.

The meeting ended at 8.30pm

Date of next meeting 8th December 2015