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Village Hall Newsletters

A bi-monthly News Bulletin is published in the village and is circulated on the last Monday in the month. Copies of each Bulletin will be available on this website and may be downloaded and printed (.pdf format). If you would like to advertise your group, organisation or business please contact the editor, Nita Duff, on 01691 829081 or contact by email at

Special rates are available for local groups.The village newsletter gives a review of activities that have taken place in the village and previews events taking place in the future. It also acts as a general notice board.

Copies of the last year will be provided here for anybody wishing to get a flavour of the village life. Just Click on the one that you want to view to bring it into vision or to print.

There is another Newsletter produced by the Community Council which gives details of local government initiatives and other developments that affect the village which can be accessed from the  Com Council.

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