Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain


A meeting was held on May 9th 2017 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr G Marshall (Chair) Cllr S Marshall Cllr B Ellis (Vice Chair)

Members of the public 2


No apologies had been received


The minutes of the April meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chair


No declarations were made


a) Guidelines on Correspondence, communication and complaints were deferred to a later date. Cllr G Marshall to meet with the Clerk to discuss.

b) Cllr G Marshall volunteered to speak with Llanfyllin High School and Llanfyllin Young Farmers in order to gauge the possibility of encouraging young people to get involved with the Community Council. To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall

c) As both the Community Shop and the Plas yn Dinas Inn have agreed to suggestion boxes being placed in their premises, together with a comments/suggestion/feedback sheet for residents to use, Cllr S Marshall volunteered to make up some boxes. Cllr G Marshall offered to design a suitable comments sheet.

To be actioned by Cllrs G & S Marshall

d) Llanfyllin Young Farmers had been successful in winning the National YFC Entertainment Festival in Torquay with their drama “Forever Mine”. Cllr B Ellis proposed that if they were still accepting donations towards their costs of travelling to the venue, the Community Council should donate £100. Cllr G Marshall volunteered to make enquiries about making a donation.

To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall

e) Cllr G Marshall stated that the Police presentation last month was appreciated and thanks should be passed on to the police, even though their visit was unexpected and Cllrs were not prepared. Some confusion had arisen over the instigation of their visit and after seeking advice from One Voice Wales it was confirmed that members of the public are not allowed to invite speakers to a Council meeting. However, should a member of the public wish the police or other bodies to attend the Council meeting, a request should be submitted to the Chair.

f) Cllr G Marshall stated that a letter will be sent to Mr Murphy who invited them, explaining the procedures.

Cllr G Marshall suggested a letter would also be sent to Inspector Rees Jones and Sgt Gwyn Williams thanking the Police for their attendance and advice. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall

A member of the public spoke up in defence of the farmer concerned; saying that she had noticed the mud on the road that morning, had contacted the farmer to let him know and that the road had been cleaned within 2 hours of her phone call


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas being absent, there was no report


7. Recreation Field

a) The inspection sheet for May had been received. It was noted that the FP from the field to the main road was overgrown.

To be actioned by the Clerk

b) County Cllr Thomas had volunteered to speak to the person who had damaged the fence, but as he was absent from the meeting, no information was available. The issue of the fence to be included as an agenda item for the next meeting.


Cllr S Marshall had attended the last meeting on 2/5/17. There had been a good turnout and most of the member councils had signed the incorporation documents. Arrangements had been made for the remainder to sign. Another meeting had been scheduled for 23/5/17 in order for a financial agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding to be agreed before the paperwork is sent to Companies House.

Cllr S Marshall stated that if the incorporation is successful the Cluster group will not only be the first in Powys, but also in the UK.

All Community Councils involved have agreed to commit to the library in Llanfyllin

To be actioned by Cllr S Marshall


It had been noted that some warning signs about dog mess had appeared around the village, but they had not been placed by Powys CC. The Clerk had received a reply to the enquiry for signs provided by Powys CC stating that they were waiting for a new supply. They also advised that no signs can be placed on Council owned property and although they have no control over private property, no sign must encroach onto the highway. The Clerk was asked to write and ask if there were additional signs available for residents to display on their own property.

Cllr G Marshall encouraged members of the public to be vigilant and to take photos and to report the incident to Powys CC Environmental Health. It was also considered to insert a piece in the local newsletter and to produce flyers that could be delivered to all householders.

To be actioned by the Clerk & Cllr G Marshall


No further information had been received about emptying the gullies.


No Councillor had attended any outside meetings


A new bank mandate had been successfully deposited with HSBC Bank plc in Oswestry.


It was agreed to ask the Memorial Hall Committee to include the concern raised about some drivers who exit the Hall’s car park via the disabled pavement access, on the agenda of their next meeting in June. Also to confirm with Powys CC, with which body responsibility rests.

To be actioned by the Clerk


Many options were considered on how to raise awareness in the community about the low representation of residents on the Community Council. Cllr G Marshall had designed posters which will be displayed throughout the community alongside the official co-option notice. It was also suggested that a brief information sheet should also be displayed, outlining the role of a community councillor.

Councillors also agreed that they would informally attend a “Cheese & Wine” evening that was to be held in the hall on 20/5/2017 in order to meet residents to discuss joining the council.

To be actioned by all Councillors

15. ROW

A reply had been received confirming that Countryside Services had been successful in their bid for funding the replacement bridge at Brongain. Engineers had been informed and it was anticipated that work would begin when it was feasible.

Cllr G Marshall proposed that they be asked to keep the Community Council updated and to ask if a timescale was available.

To be actioned by the Clerk


a) One Voice Wales – Social Media Policy Template for consideration

b) Wales Audit Office – Audit Fees and other matters relating to the 2015/16 audit



Invoice from Oswestry Glass for £132 including VAT for a new oak frame and backing board for the information board at the mount. The Clerk asked if the Council if they would agree to pay for varnish and sealer (approx.. £15) to complete the job, which will be completed by a volunteer resident. Cllr Ellis proposed payment, Cllr S Marshall seconded.


Community Account - £8,837.93

Business Money Manager Account - £697.57

19. AOB

It was noted that a car had been abandoned at the junction with the main road, the Clerk had reported it to the Police and concerned residents said that the driver had acted suspiciously when questioned by them. It was agreed to prompt the Police for a response.

To be actioned by the Clerk


a) Air Pollution – a complaint had been received from a resident on the air pollution being caused from the mud on the pavements from farming activities, which has dried to dust due to the lack of rain and was now causing breathing difficulties to some pedestrians. The lack of pavement cleaning by Powys CC was considered to be the main issue.

Cllrs agreed to pass the letter on to Environmental Health and the Street Cleansing Division.

To be actioned by the Clerk

b) Pageant master – invitation received to take part in the WW1 Beacons of Light celebrations in 2018. Cllr G Marshall to investigate further and report back at the next meeting.

c) Planning Aid Wales – invitation to attend a network event. Cllr G Marshall to investigate initiative further and report back to the Council.

d) National Assembly Wales – Expert Panel on Assembly; submissions received on electoral systems, voting ages and member numbers

Date of next meeting June 6th 2017

The meeting ended at 9.30pm