A meeting was held on May 10th 2016 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair) Cllr C Richards (Vice Chair) Cllr B Ellis

Members of the public 4


Cllr J Humphreys and County Cllr G Thomas had both sent their apologies


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as correct.

However, a member of the public had asked for clarification from Cllr Richards about an item in his report from the last meeting of the MHMC. He had stated that a suggestion had been made that the Community Shop be allowed to make small contributions to local groups from their annual profits.

Cllr Richards was asked who made the suggestion and replied that he recalled that it had been made of the Directors of the shop and the Volunteers. MHMC members had agreed to this suggestion. Cllr Richards made it clear that the MHMC had agreed that any contributions made would be considered to be part of the marketing activities carried out by the shop.


1. Policy discussion on guidelines for Councillors holding meetings with the public.

It was decided to postpone the discussion until a meeting when all Councillors were present. The Clerk had emailed a copy of the draft policy to the scrutiny officer, but was still waiting for a reply. It was also decided to email a copy to OVW and ask for their opinion too.


No-one from the Committee was available, but it was known that consultation over the designs was still ongoing.

Concerns had been raised by a resident who lives near the play area, asking when those who live adjacent to it were going to be consulted if they were content with the proposed changes. It was decided to approach One Voice Wales for advice on how best to carry out a consultation that would represent all views in the community.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas was not available.



Both Cllr Chaloner and Cllr Richards volunteered to design posters in order to encourage the co-option of new Councillors, it was decided to place notices at the school, community shop and on the web site.

Recreation Field

* Inspection report for May had been received, completed by a member of the Playground Committee. A number of queries had been raised to which the Clerk will respond.

* The Football Club had made assurances that the dugout will be repaired.

* Correspondence had been received from Powys CC about transferring the Recreation Ground to the Community Council, a firm decision had yet to be made.

* An email had been received from the Centenary Fields Trust, enquiring if the Council was still interested in dedicating the Field. More information was needed about taking up this offer; it was decided to postpone a decision at this time.

* Notification received about damage incurred to wooden fence bordering the MH car park.


* A Planning Officer from Powys CC had emailed some guidelines on responding to planning applications for Councillors to refer to.

* LDP Examination – Exploratory Meeting was scheduled for today.

* Planning Permission granted for erection of agricultural building at Wernyglyn, Bwlch y Ddar

* Permission refused for certificate of lawful use of agricultural occupancy condition of Llys Awel, Llanfechain


The future of the Library; there is an ongoing public consultation period ending on 3/7/2016. Councillors were encouraged to complete the online questionnaire. Llanfyllin Library is the most used in Powys, and also the most expensive to run, but that is due to the inability to separate the actual cost of running the Library from the total cost of maintaining the whole building which is used by other local groups. Llanfyllin TC is looking at ways to ascertain the actual cost of running the library.


A request from Llanfechain Show for a donation towards this year’s show had been received. Cllr Richards proposed to make a donation of £300, Cllr Ellis seconded, unanimously agreed.


A complaint had been received about the ‘disgusting’ behaviour of leaving bags of dog mess hanging in the trees and hedges along Ystrad Y Ceunant. Apparently this is not an isolated instance, others have been found throughout other roads outside the village.

The Chair had contacted the Local Environment Officer for the area, who was going to send out some signs for the Council to put up. They also advised reporting the incidents to the local PCSO in Llanfyllin.

Cllr Richards stated that dog mess outside the school is still a persistent problem, and he plans to use a biodegradable luminous spray paint on the offending items, to increase public awareness of the problem and hopefully, embarrass those dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs.


* Welsh Government – Statutory Guidance for the wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015. A request for an assessment of the local area and objectives for local wellbeing

* Welsh Government – Proposed changes to Planning Policy Wales Chapter 6, policy for consideration of the historic environment through the planning system.


* Russell George – newsletter

* Montytrax - update and notice of successful grant application to conduct feasibility study

* PCC – Provision of Youth Services

* Russell George – Health Update

* Health Commissioner – Newsletter (available electronically only)

* Community Energy Wales – Campaign Launch of a film that promotes local energy

* North Montgomeryshire Forum – minutes of last meeting

* One Voice Wales – notice of training on Chairing Meetings, which Cllr Chaloner will attend


Montytrax – Letter of Support

Llanfechain Football Club – Request for contribution towards maintenance of recreation field



A. Clerk’s quarterly invoice for payment due January, February & March - Office Expenses £21.87 Wages - £580.52. Cllr Ellis proposed payment, seconded by Cllr Richards

B. Insurance from Zurich for payment - £310.17 proposed by Cllr Chaloner, seconded by Cllr Ellis

C. Cllr Richards proposed that the donation to St Garmon’s Church of £300 towards maintenance of graveyard be paid, as agreed and budgeted for. Cllr Ellis seconded.

D. Agreed donation to Llanfechain Show -£300 proposed by Cllr Richards, seconded by Cllr Ellis


Community Account - £7,157.90

Business Money Manager Account - £697.18


A member of the public asked Cllr Richards if he is aware that he has voting rights, when he attends MHMC meetings and hoped that now he was a Director of the Community Shop Ltd, that there would not be any conflict of interests.


An annual session held to give Councillors a chance to consider putting forward an individual or a group from the community.

The meeting ended at 8.45pm

Date of next meeting 7th June 2016