These minutes are a draft copy only and may be subject to change before they are adopted

A meeting was held on March 7th 2017 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair) Cllr B Ellis Cllr G Marshall Cllr S Marshall

County Cllr G Thomas

Members of the public 3


The minutes of the February meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chair


No declarations were made


1. A number of guidelines for Councillors to follow had been suggested, including revising the layout of the Agenda and Minutes and the introduction of archiving documents on “cloud storage” for easier access by Councillors. Consideration of a complaints procedure was also put forward and the idea of suggestion boxes to be placed at both the Community shop and the Plas yn Dinas Inn.

Other points raised for consideration were: how to engage young people with the Council, asking the public how they want to be involved and asking the Primary School to display a poster encouraging parents to apply to become Community Councillors.

2. It was agreed to discuss the nomination of awards to members of the community in a confidential session at the end of the meeting.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas reported that Powys CC had agreed to increase the Council Tax by 3.9%.

Plans to resurface a section of the B4393 are due to start on 20/3/2017


Recreation Field

* The inspection sheet for March had yet to be received

* Quotes for cutting the grass on the recreation field had been received from 2 tenders. It was agreed to engage the services of a different contractor as he had offered a more flexible option at a competitive price.

* The Clerk was asked to contact the Playground Committee for an update to be given at the next meeting


The proposed date of the next meeting had been postponed until later in the month, Cllr S Marshall said as he would be unable to attend the meeting to sign the up as the representative Director; he would contact the group to ask if he could sign on another day. The Chair said she would try and attend the meeting instead.


* Mr D Holmes had written to confirm that he was willing to conduct an internal audit of the Council’s accounts for 2016/17. He outlined the areas that he would cover to confirm that the accounts represented a true and fair view of the Council’s finances.

* It was decided not to make a donation to any of the outside organisations which had applied; it was considered that Council funds should not be used in this way; the public could donate to charities of their own choice if they wished.


Despite County Cllr Thomas’ best efforts by going as far as complaining to the Chief Executive; no promises were forthcoming to get the gullies emptied before the end of the financial year.

He considered that to pursue this complaint further, the only options left were the press, the AM or the MP. It was decided not to approach the press, but to ask Cllr Thomas to contact Russell George AM for assistance.


Cllr G Marshall had encountered problems in viewing the Council website. She asked if Mr D Ward, who manages the site, could make the site available to other internet browsers that are becoming popular.


The recurring problem of dog mess had been commented on again. Suggestions included getting in touch with the Community Police Officer for his advice, or to conduct an intensive display of advisory signage to raise awareness.

It was agreed to ask Powys CC to provide some extra signs and to approach the Primary School to suggest a competition for the children to design a poster that would demonstrate the abhorrent practice of not clearing after your pet.


* P/2017/0197 Demolition of existing lean to and erection of a two storey side extension at Tanyllidiart Bwlch-Y-Ddar, Llangedwyn. There were no objections.

* P/2017/0091 Application for affordable dwelling and detached garage at land adjacent Fairview Llangedwyn. As this application had been referred for consideration at a Planning Committee Meeting, Llanfechain CC had been invited by Powys CC to speak if it wished. It was agreed to decline the invitation as the Council had not raised any objections when the application had first been published and was content to let the committee decide.


The Clerk had been invited to attend an election briefing in Welshpool. Nomination papers had been provided for the use of all current Councillors. New applicants were advised to contact Powys CC directly. Councillors agreed that the Clerk should return the completed applications by hand to the Welshpool office at the end of the month.


Cllr S Marshall, who had attended the meeting with PAVO and members from the MHMC and Community Shop Directors, reported that the only item discussed was about the role of trustees and volunteers. He presented a sheet of useful information that had been provided.

Notice of the next ordinary meeting and the also the AGM of the Memorial Hall Management Committee had been received, as Cllr Ellis, the official representative would be unavailable, Cllr S Marshall volunteered to take his place.


* Welsh Government – Reforming Local Government – Resilient and Renewed. Deadline 11/4/2017

* Boundary Commission for Wales – proposed changes consultation. Deadline 27/3/2017

* Powys CC – invitation to attend a presentation of proposed changes to the Community and Town wards.

County Cllr Thomas had already attended a presentation about the possible changes to the community boundaries; he considered that it was very unlikely that the Llanfechain boundary would change.


* National Plant Monitoring Scheme – volunteers wanted

* Audit Wales - Good Practice Exchange programme of events

* R George A.M – invitation to attend Broadband summit in Newtown on 20/3/2017 - cancelled

* OVW – Training sessions available during March 2017

* Community Health Council – request for feedback from anyone in the community who had been involved with caring for those diagnosed with dementia

* Powys CC – notification of changes to collection days of household waste. Residents will be individually informed.

* Powys CC – notification of a change of contractors who empty the recycling and green waste bins.

* Powys CC – notice of the hearings programme for the LDP examination

* Memorial Hall – minutes from the 2016 AGM and minutes of the last ordinary meeting

* Welsh Government – Independent Remuneration Panel annual report

* One Voice Wales – information of an independent energy supply plan for businesses.



A. It was agreed renew and pay the One Voice Wales membership of £74 for another year. Cllr Chaloner proposed, seconded by Cllr Ellis


Community Account - £10,119.77

Business Money Manager Account - £697.50


Cllr G Marshall had contacted the NHS to enquire about who decides who/which services should attend accidents. Further information on this and other current subjects with web site links can be viewed on the notice board at the Memorial Hall.


A discussion took place about nominations for community awards

The meeting ended at 9.15pm Date of next meeting April 11th 2017


Dianne Crecraft,

Clerk to Llanfechain Community Council

23 Maes Dinas,

Llanfechain, SY22 6YR Tel 01691 828542 Email