These minutes are a draft copy only and may be subject to change before they are adopted

Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain

A meeting was held on June 6th 2017 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr G Marshall (Chair)    Cllr S Marshall

Cllr B Ellis (Vice Chair)    County Cllr G Thomas

Members of the public 6


No apologies had been received


The minutes of both the AGM and the May meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chair


No declarations were made


a) Cllr G Marshall had met with the Clerk to discuss guidelines on correspondence and communication; a plan had been agreed to address issues that had been highlighted. It was proposed to eventually develop access for all council documents to be reviewed online by Councillors, and for the public to also have restricted access to documents of interest. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall

b) Cllr G Marshall had arranged a meeting with the Head of Llanfyllin High School in order to gauge the possibility of encouraging young people to get involved with the Community Council. A meeting with Llanfyllin Young Farmers was also planned; the Chair to consult with County Cllr Thomas. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall & County Cllr Thomas

c) Suggestion boxes have been placed in both the Community Shop and the Plas yn Dinas Inn, together with suitable comments sheet. All comments received will be noted, however, anonymous responses will not be acted upon.

Actioned by Cllrs G & S Marshall

d) Cllr G Marshall proposed that the sum of £100 be donated to Llanfyllin Young Farmers towards their expenses after their success in winning the National YFC Entertainment Festival in Torquay. Cllr B Ellis seconded the donation.

e) The Chair had studied the Social Media Policy provided by OVW. She stated that it was a good starting point for sharing communications, but would have to be edited for the needs of Llanfechain CC and that a working party would be the best way forward. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

f) Councillors agreed to send the letter of thanks for the police presentation last month,  that Cllr G Marshall had written.  It will be sent to Inspector Rees Jones and Sgt Gwyn Williams thanking the Police for their attendance and advice.

g) It was agreed that no nominations would be put forward for the Powys Standards Sub-Committee.

h) The Council had received 4 applications from residents for co-option onto Llanfechain CC. A vote was taken by secret ballot and all 4 applicants were successful. The Clerk will apprise the applicants, invite them to the next meeting and pass on all relevant documents that they will need before becoming official Councillors.

To be actioned by the Clerk

i) It had been considered that taking part in the WW1 Beacon celebrations would be worthwhile and something the village should participate in. An offer had already been received for the making of the brazier and the Plas yn Dinas Inn were very enthusiastic to be involved, but the project would require a voluntary working group for it to move forwards and to encourage everyone to join in. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by Cllr S Marshall


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas reported that the new Powys CC had not had their first meeting yet after the elections, but it did seem that there would be a review of the recycling policy regarding recycling centres in the county. However, savings of £150,000 had been made since the changes were implemented and any further changes to increase the opening hours again would have to be budgeted for. There were also plans for bigger investments in roads and schools.

Powys CC has given a 30/6/2017 deadline for entries to the Best Kept Council Property Garden competition.

Llansantffraid Community Council had just re-opened negotiations with Powys CC about transferring the public toilets to their care; the outcome was looking positive, PAVO had been invited to meet with the Community Council to assist with the negotiations.

He promised that he would get onto Powys CC again about emptying the gullies in Llanfechain.


 6. Recreation Field

a) The inspection sheet for June had been received. It was noted that the FP from the field to the main road had still not been cleared, and that the hedge on the eastern side was overgrown, but as hedges should not be trimmed before August, it was agreed to wait until then.

To be actioned by the Clerk

b) As a fence post had been donated to the Memorial Hall, a volunteer had used it to repair the fence by the shop, but that still left one more post that needed to be replaced. The Clerk was asked to raise the question of ownership of the fence with the Chair of the Hall Committee and ask if they could carry out further repairs. Cllrs inspected the fence after the meeting and agreed that the repair had been very well done. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by the Clerk

c) Mrs H Renwick had confirmed that she was content to keep the Council updated on the progress of the playground and had passed on the latest update. The Stage 1Lottery Grant application had been completed, and if successful, the Stage 2 application would have to be completed in 6 months. An invitation was forwarded to Councillors to attend the AGM of the Playground Committee.

d) Information had been received that Powys CC are proceeding with the transfer of the recreation field to Llanfechain CC. PCC had requested details of  the legal representative that LCC would use. It was decided to reply that until LCC had seen the terms of the proposed contract, the Council was unable to determine the amount of legal assistance that would be required, but agreed that a legal representative would be used at some point.

To be actioned by the Clerk


The scheduled meeting for 23/5/17 had been postponed until 29/6/2017 as incorporation was still incomplete.  To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by Cllr S Marshall


Despite the repeated requests to Powys CC for dog fouling signs, they had not yet been received. The Chair had contacted “Keep Wales Tidy” who had provided logos and examples of posters and fliers which other councils use. The Chair had provided an example for approval by the Council and also asked the public for their opinion. It is hoped to finalise the format and wording for distribution during June.

The Chair had contacted the Community newsletter with a view to inserting a notice and also on the Council website.

It was considered to approach the Primary School and offer a small prize for the most aptly designed poster that could be displayed around the village.

To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall


A) No further information had been received about emptying the gullies.

B) A reply had been received from Highways regarding the dust pollution reported last month. An inspection of the area was promised, but as Powys CC does not own any mechanical footway sweepers, there was little they felt that they could do.

C) The abandoned vehicle was removed shortly after the last meeting; the police recommended that in future any similar incidents should be reported directly to Powys CC and not to the Police.


Cllr S Marshall had attended the Memorial Hall MC meeting and passed on the advice given by the Area Traffic Engineer about the issue of cars exiting the hall car park via the pavement. A short term solution would be to locate a couple of large planters at the edge of the pavement; a more permanent solution would be a barrier/bollards. The Hall Committee asked if Llanfechain CC would be prepared to make a financial contribution to whichever solution was decided.

It was agreed that depending on the solution, the Council would be willing to consider an offer of financial support.


a) The 2016/17Audit had been finalised and signed off by both the Clerk and the internal auditor, no questions were raised. Cllr G Marshall proposed that they be approved, Cllr Ellis seconded. The Chair signed them off.

b) Zurich had sent the renewal documents for the 2017/18. The Council had previously signed up for a 3 year low cost quote, of which this was the last year of being tied to the company. Next year the Council will be in a position to seek other quotes. As no changes were required Cllr Ellis proposed that the council remain with Zurich for this year, Cllr S Marshall seconded.

c) The Wales Audit Office will be seeking accountability for the reserves and precept monies for the audit in 2017/18, it is recommended that the Council formulates a business plan to illustrate the Council’s understanding of it’s finances and to be completely transparent in c) the use of funds. To this effect a Community Council business plan, which will become an organic document will have to be created. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by Cllr G Marshall


This item was covered under item 10


After much debate it was decided not to appoint a representative to attend One Voice Wales at this time.


An application had been received for maintenance work to the roof of the listed building Garmon House. No objections were raised.


a) Next year will see some changes to the Data Protection Act; Cllrs will have to be made aware if more documents are to be made available online

b) The Chair introduced an Action Log which is currently being produced alongside the Agenda. The purpose of the Action Log is to record what needs to be done.  She explained that it will be created throughout the meeting, listing actions having a unique number that have or need to be addressed in the future; it will be linked to both the minutes and the agenda. The Action Log will become an agenda item where all outstanding actions will be reviewed and the Action Log will available to both Councillors and the public.


A) PAVO – Launch of “Listen & Learn” visits project

B) Play Wales – Focus on play for Community Councils

C) Community Health Council – Press statement on dementia consultation

D) OVW – Model Local Resolution Protocol for Community Councils


 A. Payment for varnish and sealer of £11.61 inc. VAT to the volunteer who had completed the refurbishment of the information board at the mount. Payment proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr S Marshall.

 B. Zurich Insurance for £319.06 inc. tax. Payment proposed by Cllr Ellis seconded by Cllr S Marshall


Community Account - £10,539.93 including 1st Precept payment of £1,834

Business Money Manager Account - £697.57

 19. AOB

a) The Clerk informed Council that there was now a buildup of minute sheets dating from 2003, and suggested archiving them with Aberystwyth University, as had previously been done 10 years ago. It was agreed to make further enquiries with a view to archiving the minutes from 2003- 2012. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

To be actioned by the Clerk

b) Reports had been received that a fingerpost which is part of the circular trail, at Bryncynfelin Farm, had been turned around again to point in the wrong direction. It was agreed to inform Countryside Services. It was also noted that the path and gateway by Capel Sion which is also part of the circular trail, was in need of clearing, and to report this at the same time.

To be actioned by the Clerk

c) The Chair had met up with the editor of the Memorial Hall newsletter to ask if it would be possible for the Community Council to share it as a means of getting information out to the public. A suggestion was put forward by the Chair of the Hall Committee that if LCC was willing to make a contribution to the cost of producing the newsletter, Council information could be included on one side of an A4 sheet. A figure of £15 per month was suggested. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting.


 a) Welsh Government – Historic Environment update

 b) One Voice Wales – notice of next meeting and minutes of their last meeting

 c) Dyfed/Powys Police – Request for the preferred language the Council wish to receive correspondence from them- English or Welsh or Bilingual. To be included on the agenda for the next meeting

 d) Pensions Regulator – Acknowledgement of the Council’s declaration of compliance.

The meeting ended at 9.30pm


Date of next meeting July 11th 2017