A meeting was held on June 2nd 2015 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr P Williams (Chairman)    Cllr J Humphreys      Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)    Cllr B Ellis    

Members of the public 7


Cllr H Morris and County Cllr Thomas both sent their apologies


The minutes of the AGM and the ordinary meeting in May were both accepted as correct


Cllr Ellis declared an interest in the item on a donation to the Friendly Club


A proposal had been agreed to change to an alternative insurance company if the current company could not reduce the premium.

The Clerk had approached the Council’s current insurers but the request had been rejected. As it had already been decided at the last meeting that if no reduction was possible, the Council would take up the alternative cheaper quote, the Clerk went ahead and arranged a new insurance policy.

The new documents had been received.


Being absent there was no report from County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas.

However, he had acknowledged an enquiry received about lack of waste collecting services and road subsidence near to Bron Haul Issa, Bwlch y Ddar., and said that he would make enquiries.


The Chair and the Clerk had attended a meeting on clustering with Llanfyllin Town Council. A report by the Chair had been presented to Councillors, outlining that there is no clear conclusion who will be accountable for this new arrangement, and how there currently appears to be some inequity in the provision of services and other support to communities by Powys CC. However, the only question at present that required discussion and a decision was whether or not LCC should cluster with Llanfyllin TC. Councillors agreed that the best way forward would be to confirm that LCC would cluster with Llanfyllin, and to wait and see how the scheme would work. Although there are still many questions to be answered, Councillors were told that there was still an option of pulling out if it was seen not to be suitable for Llanfechain.

Further information had been received from PCC about other aspects of community services delivery.

Recreation Field

Inspection report for May had been received but the report for June had yet to be received.

Legal Points

The Clerk reminded councillors of the need to read the revised edition of The Welsh Code of Conduct for Community Councillors.

The Clerk also asked Councillors to submit their interests for display on the website


Councillors were asked to approve the audit return submitted by the Clerk. Cllr Chaloner proposed approval, Cllr Ellis seconded, there were no objections.

After due consideration Cllr Williams proposed that a donation of £100 be given to the Friendly Club, but it was agreed that an accompanying letter be sent to explain that LCC are gradually reducing their funding as it was considered that the community as a whole should not have to subsidise their club; a fairer solution would be to maintain the reasonable hire costs of the hall for the benefit of all the community, as support from Powys CC to village halls may be withdrawn in the future.  Cllr Chaloner seconded, Cllr Ellis, having left the room abstained, Cllrs Humphreys voted in favour.

It was agreed to donate £150 as the second instalment of a contribution that was agreed last year, to the local National Eisteddfod Funding Committee.

It was decided to review the decision of funding that was made 2 years ago, towards the painting of the school. Although no recent further request had been made from the school, it was decided that LCC was no longer in a position to assist them financially, especially with so many changes that could happen in the future.


The Clerk had made enquiries about the replacement Footbridge that is planned behind Brongain, and was assured that the work had not been forgotten, just delayed. It was decided to remind them that it was scheduled for the middle of this year, and how it had been over 1 year since the bridge had been removed.


Cllr Chaloner had been engaged as a School Governor for Llanfechain Primary School, and the representative for the Council at their meetings.


The Chair asked for his apologies to be sent to the next North Montgomeryshire Local Forum meeting.

The Chair will attend a meeting of the Recreation Committee

A report had been received on Llanfechain, compiled by Aberystwyth University, from the results of a previous postal survey and study of the development of 5 villages across the county. The Montgomeryshire Village Project had been requested by the Montgomeryshire Community Regeneration Association.  An event to launch the report had been attended by the Chair,.

It included reports on potential flooding, planning and housing, regeneration in Montgomeryshire and the decline in population. The Chair urged Councillors to read it.

Notice of a meeting had been received from Memorial Hall committee; either Cllr Morris or the Chair hopes to attend.


LDP – notice of new consultation, and draft deposit of the LDP, deadline 20/07/2015. Information on how to take part is to be publicised on the website and notice board.

Mid Wales Housing – consultation on shared housing scheme, deadline 30/06/2015

Powys CC – public transport provision, deadline 29/06/2015. The Chair urged for as many people as possible to take part in the online survey, as Powys CC will have to make cuts to bus services and it will affect the community. Links will again be published on the website and the notice board.

It was agreed that The Chair will submit a survey on behalf of LCC


Russell George – June Newsletter

Minutes from last MHMC meeting


A. Payment of £299.69 to Zurich Insurance was agreed.


Commendations had been received from the public about the work that is currently being carried out by ST Water. The workers were found to be helpful, accommodating and friendly. The site had been kept clean and tidy and disruption had been kept to a minimum. It was agreed that a letter of appreciation be sent once the work had been completed.

Cllr Williams proposed that LCC advertise for a volunteer, who would be interested in attending courses run by PAVO, with a view to becoming the local advisor of funding opportunities, whom local organisations could consult. Cllr Humphreys seconded the proposition.

Information had been received on the kerbside collections of plastic film and how the facilities of collecting plastic film at recycling centres, which is to phased out by Powys CC. Cae Post has assured LCC that they will continue to collect as usual until they have been told otherwise.

Date of the next meeting will be July 14th 2015   

The meeting ended at 8.45 pm.