A meeting was held on July 14th 2015 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr P Williams (Chairman)    Cllr J Humphreys    Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)   Cllr B Ellis  Cllr H Morris    County Cllr Thomas

Members of the public 8


The minutes of the June meeting were accepted as correct


Cllr Morris declared an interest in the item on the LDP submission


1. As there had been no significant changes to the draft deposit plan, it was decided to make some minor adjustments to the previous submission LCC presented to Powys CC last year:

Density of housing – Although 11% is no longer the criteria, and accepting some growth, Llanfechain Community Council would prefer this expansion to be gradual, varied in house design and more widely distributed. All Councillors agreed

Affordable Housing - Llanfechain Community Council endorses the need for ‘Affordable Housing’ and notes that our previous statements have accepted more than the 10% you plan. All councilors agreed.

Recreation Field – As the Open spaces Document has recognised the recreation area to be kept as it is, it was felt that no representation was necessary. All Councillors agreed.

Preferred Candidate Site - If Llanfechain remains designated a ‘Large Village’ Llanfechain Community Council asks that PCC reconsider the allocation of site 711 as the preferred site for development instead of site 1068 which this Council put forward. Cllr Morris left the room and Cllr Humphreys abstained from voting. All remaining votes were in favour.

Village Size – LCC would ask that PCC consider re-designating this village a ‘Small Village.’ If agreed, there would be no development boundary, but infill and fringe development would still be possible. All Councillors agreed.

2. The idea of advertising for a volunteer to train as a grants advisor had been raised at the last MHMC meeting, but so far no-one had come forward.

3. It was decided to write to the contractors who were responsible for renewing the water pipes through the village during the past weeks. Commendations had been received from the public about the work that had been carried out. The workers were found to be helpful, accommodating and friendly. The site had been kept clean and tidy and disruption had been kept to a minimum.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas informed Council that the No. 74 bus service would not now be axed; also the services to Welshpool and Meifod were also saved. Powys CC had assured that they would now be safe for a number of years.

Consultants had visited Llanfyllin High School; the results of their findings will be published in September. Parents of children that attend Llanfyllin High School stressed that they are very happy with the school and would be against any major changes.

Surveyors had been to investigate the road subsidence near to Bron Haul Issa, Bwlch y Ddar.


Recreation Field

Inspection reports for June and July had been received

Minutes from a meeting from the newly named Playground Project Committee were presented.

Public Health Wales had sent a letter promoting all playgrounds to become smoke free zones and offering free signs. It was decided to apply for one.


A letter had been received from a representative of the Ramblers Association, advising Council that there were some issues on the circular trail that prevented it being fully used. An accompanying leaflet outlining the responsibilities of Councils and FP’s and bridleways will be circulated to Councillors.

The Clerk had received a letter from the ROW officer who had investigated the issues raised and had either dealt with some of them or was in the process of resolving the rest. He also gave an update on the progress of the new bridge; he awaits permission to carry out work in the river itself from Natural Resources Wales.


A report had been received from a PPG meeting held in May

Montgomeryshire Forum will hold their next meeting on September 15th


Application for a single storey extension, alterations to certain windows and provision of external timber decking at listed building Pentre Cottage.

Application to erect 2 storey side extension, single storey rear extension and change of use of land to extend domestic curtilage at Branas Ystryd y Ceunant

There were no objections to either application.


Russell George – June Newsletter

Planning Aid Wales training day on 4/8/15 in Llandrindod Wells

Thankyou letter from Friendly Club  - for donation received

Ombudsman – Annual report

PCC – waste recycling update

Public Health Wales- campaign to raise awareness of screening


A. Payment of web site fees £41.98 Inc. VAT, payment was ageed

B. Payment of grass cutting invoices for April £33.60 Inc. VAT, and £134.40 Inc. VAT for May, £100. 80 including VAT for June. Payment was agreed, but the Clerk was asked to write to the contractor and ask him to reduce the number of cuts to twice a month instead of every week, as the total cost so far was close to the annual budget for the job.

C. Payment of Clerk’s quarterly wages £217.86 and office expenses £19.36. Payment was agreed.


Cllr Humphreys informed Council of “an accident waiting to happen” outside the Seion Church on the main road. Large trucks were sometimes stationary on the bend waiting to go down the lane to a farm building, and as they were so big, they were having problems turning into the lane without blocking the main road. She had managed to photograph an incident of 2 cars almost colliding when one of them tried to overtake the stationary truck on the bend.

The Chair advised her to write to Powys CC highways and the police. Councillors agreed that LCC should also write to the same authorities with this concern.

The meeting ended at 9.00 pm.

Date of the next meeting will be September 1st 2015