A meeting was held on January 10th 2017 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair)    Cllr B Ellis  Cllr G Marshall     Cllr S Marshall

 Members of the public 8


County Cllr G Thomas


The minutes of the December meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chair


No declarations were made


 1. Councillors had formed a working party to discuss guidelines for Councillors to follow; the discussions continue to be ongoing.

 2. Councillors were urged to continue a search for more residents to co-opt onto the Council

 3. Cllr Sam Marshall agreed to be put forward for nomination as Llanfechain’s Director of the proposed community company that will be formed by the cluster group. Cllr Chaloner proposed the nomination, Cllr Ellis seconded. Details of his nomination to be passed to the cluster group.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas being absent, there was no report.


Recreation Field

  The inspection sheet for January had been received; the only immediate issue was the collapse of the fence onto the path from the adjoining property behind the hall. Cllr Ellis volunteered to speak with the owners in case they were unaware of it.


  The annual draft budget outlining expenses and income for the year to assist Councillors in deciding the precept for 2017/18 had been scrutinised. After making some slight changes to the draft costings, it was proposed by Cllr Ellis to raise the original proposed precept figure to £5,500 in order to cover any increases caused by the loss of future services and the proposed shared costs of maintaining the library service.  Cllr G Marshall seconded the proposal, all were agreed.


The Clerk had received a reply from the ROW officer, apologising for his lack of communication and assured Council that the cost of the replacement bridge had been included in the current years’ budget; hopefully work will begin in March of this year.


The Clerk had written to Montytrax, asking for a copy of their current audited accounts, which had been declined on the basis that there were none available yet. It was decided to postpone any decision on a donation until their accounts were available.

Mr H Morris attended the meeting to explain about their progress so far in creating safe, level circular routes between Llanfyllin and Llansantffraid. Phase 1 of a feasibility study had been completed, with Phase 2 about to be undertaken. Although most of the cost of the study had been donated, funding events were being organised to raise the remaining costs.

It was agreed to extend an invitation for a presentation to be given to the Council after the study had been completed.


The Clerk advised Council that the Council owned laptop was giving problems at the moment; advice and information was being sought. Cllr G Marshall offered her assistance to the Clerk if it was required.


A planning application had been received for a development of up to 7 dwellings opposite Wesley Terrace. Concerns were raised about the increase in traffic this would bring, in an area that is very narrow already. There were also concerns about the site being in a location that has been prone to flooding in the past, due to excess surface flooding from culverts.

As the site borders the conservation area of the village, it was considered that conditions should be placed on the design and materials if the development were to be passed.

Cllr Chaloner proposed that a response be made to highlight these concerns to the planning department. Cllr Ellis seconded.


  National Assembly consultation on changing the name of the National Assembly, deadline 3/3/2017. Cllr G Marshall considered that the proposal was a waste of tax payer’s money, as any major re-branding would be very expensive. It was agreed that could be a point to include in the Council’s response to the consultation, next month.

  Welsh Government consultation on the proposed ban of the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics, deadline 28/2/2017

  Welsh Government request responses to Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance, deadline 2/3/2017


  Welshpool Town Council – invitation to attend liaison meeting with Powys CC on 7/2/2017 in Welshpool

  Powys CC – information on the end of Concurrent functions scheme

  OVW – invitation to the Chair to attend a Buckingham Palace Garden Party

  Welsh Government – Section 137 Expenditure Limit for 2017/18

  Powys CC – notification of continued BUPA residential care home contract

  Welsh Government – invitation to attend a National Development Framework event in Welshpool on 9/2/2017



 A. Clive Heaton – Grass cutting throughout September and October: 4 cuts £134.40inc. VAT. Payment proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr Ellis

 B. Clerk’s quarterly invoice for October, November & December. Expenses £35.31, wages £415.37

Payment proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr Chaloner

 C. PCC – invoice for annual payment of £100 for the lease of the recreation field. As no update had been received about the transfer of ownership of the field, it was agreed that the invoice would have to be paid, and a rebate sought after the transfer. Payment was  proposed by Cllr Ellis and seconded by Cllr Chaloner


Community Account - £8713.85

Business Money Manager Account - £697.50

The meeting ended at 8.20pm

Date of next meeting February 7th 2017