Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain


A meeting was held on January 12th 2016 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr P Williams (Chair)      Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)    Cllr B Ellis       Cllr H Morris   Cllr C Richards      County Cllr G Thomas

Members of the public 2


Cllr J Humphreys had sent her apologies.


The minutes of the December meeting were accepted as correct.


1. The proposed donation of £300 to be made to St. Garmon’s Church, towards the maintenance of the grounds was voted on. Cllr Ellis seconded the proposal.  The voting was unanimous and it was agreed to pay in the new financial year, with the stipulation that the money was to be used only for the grass cutting.

2. Councillors had studied the budget and proposal for a £6,600 Precept. It was decided to round the amount down to £6,500, which will be raised for the next financial year, allowances had been made for the extra costs of grass cutting and street cleaning. There were no new expenses to be considered; the proposed budget of £6,500 was seconded by Cllr Richards and agreed by all.

3. The Clerk had contacted the legal department about transferring the title of the recreation field to LCC; they had suggested that a letter be sent to the Head of Schools Services, as the recreation field came under their department. The Clerk had written as requested but was still awaiting a reply.

4. The Clerk had made enquiries about the potential costs to the council for having just the minutes translated into the Welsh Language and had received a quote of £72 for a 3 page document.


The Committee had not met during December; however, the Chair reported the projects current proposal envisages a more expansive play area that would fill the current area and they had thought to possibly relocate the new play area to the school grounds to the west of the school buildings. This would give a lot more room and would be a chance to improve and expand the facilities. It could be fenced off, but still retain access to the school, and offer greater involvement from the community with the school. This proposal had been passed to the Board of Governors for consideration and Councillors were asked to also consider the idea


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas reported that consultations are still ongoing about closing some high schools and creating a Welsh Medium school in Llanfair Caereinion. No decision had yet been made; parents of pupils at Llanfyllin High School are against any changes to a system that both they and pupils are happy with.

Cllr Thomas also spoke about the lack of direction in Powys CC over deciding a budget for the next year. Council Tax rises are inevitable but by how much is yet to be decided. It is also likely that further cuts and loss of services will happen. There are already plans to close the council depot in Llanfyllin and transfer the service to Welshpool.

Llansantffraid Community Council have been asked to take over the running of the public toilets in the village, but major repairs are needed and they are seeking views from the wider community about the feasibility of keeping them open. If enough positive support is raised, they may be able to press Powys CC to fund the repairs needed before the handover takes place.


Recreation Field

Inspection report for January had been received, it was pointed out that repairs to the dugout are required; the Clerk had informed Llanfechain FC.

A number of branches have come down from the trees this winter; Cllrs Ellis and Morris volunteered to collect and remove them.

The redundant advertising boards have been removed.


Cllr Richards will attend the next meeting with Llanfyllin TC.

The levels of funding proposed by Powys CC; Llanfyllin TC, who were concerned with the proposals had met with the Portfolio Holder to discuss them and achieve an increase in the funds that will be made available to maintain the services that are being dropped by Powys CC.

There are still many unanswered questions about how the funding will be distributed amongst the clustered community councils; however the Chair pointed out that provision had now been made in LCC’s budget for next year for services to be continued in Llanfechain even if no funding was forthcoming from the Cluster group. Cllrs were asked to consider other options for providing services.


A Scoping Opinion document SC/2015/0006 had been received concerning a possible Solar Farm development near Glan Brogan. Council had been asked if they considered anything was missing from the document. Cllrs were satisfied that it was comprehensive and had nothing further to add.


The Chair had drafted a letter about the state of the roads after maize harvesting and the relationships within rural communities with the contractors and land owners; to be sent to Russell George AM, Police and Crime Commissioner Christopher Salomon and County Councillor Thomas. Copies were distributed for consideration at the next meeting. Cllr Williams proposed that after consideration that the finished letter is sent to the above recipients, Cllr Richards seconded and all were in agreement.

A long standing issue of the deterioration of the road alongside the river over the bridge by Rose Cottage had been raised at the last meeting. The Clerk had written to both the Highways Dept. at Powys CC and to Natural Resources Wales, who had replied to say that they had referred it to the Engineers at Powys CC, who would in turn get back with their findings. Cllr Morris was more concerned with the possibility of flooding as there is a section of bank and wall which has crumbled and now necessitated the use of sandbags.

Cllr Richards has been in touch with the Police on forming a Community Speedwatch. He reported that this was progressing well.

Cllr Richards had found an online survey about dog fouling in communities and urged everyone to fill it in.

The Chair had also discovered an interesting web site that showed all archaeological sites and historic monuments in Wales.  Searches are localised and showed some interesting sites in and around Llanfechain. He asked that a link be put on the website for all to access.


Clustering meeting on 19/1/2016. Cllr Richards to attend

Cycle Network meeting on 14/1/2016 – Cllr Morris to attend. Minutes of last meeting received


Policing Priorities – respond on line or paper copy available from police stations. Deadline 15/01/2016

Welsh Government – Green Growth Investment Support deadline 29/1/2016

Welsh Government – Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill. Deadline 15/2/2016

Welsh Government – Welsh Language Services in Health, Social Services and Social Care. Deadline 28/2/2016


Russell George – December newsletter

Powys CC – Notice of postponement of paper copies of planning applications not being sent out to local councils, until February

Planning Directorate – publication of Positive Planning Implementation Plan

Welsh Government – Owners of dogs will be required to microchip their dogs by 6/4/2016. A copy of the letter will be placed on the Notice Board.

National Resources Wales – newsletter

Welsh Government – invitation for nominations for the Queen’s New Year 2017 Honours List. Deadline 29/1/2016

MHMC - Minutes of the last meeting


A. Clerk’s invoice for October, November and December 2015. Wages £486. 30. Office Expenses £39.37. Payment was proposed by Cllr Ellis and seconded by Cllr Morris

B. Payment of Village Hall Precept of £600 for 2015/16. Payment was proposed by the Vice Chair and seconded by Cllr Ellis


An annual session, to give Councillors a chance to consider putting forward an individual or a group from the community; for an award.

The meeting ended at 8.55pm

Date of next meeting 2nd February 2016