These minutes are a draft copy only and may be subject to change before they are adopted

A meeting was held on February 7th 2017 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair)    Cllr B Ellis   Cllr G Marshall     Cllr S Marshall   


Members of the public 6


County Cllr G Thomas


The minutes of the January meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chair


No declarations were made


 1. Councillors had formed a working party to discuss guidelines for Councillors to follow; the discussions continue to be ongoing.

 2. Councillors were urged to continue a search for more residents to co-opt onto the Council


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas being absent, there was no report.


Recreation Field

  The inspection sheet for February had been received

  It was agreed to invite tenders for the annual grass cutting of the recreation field.


The Clerk had been invited to attend a briefing in Welshpool, on the coming elections this year. It was agreed that she should attend and that expenses would be paid.


Councillors were asked to consider whether they wanted to consider any nominations for awards this year.


The Clerk had invited a quote for repairs to the information board sited at the Mount. Oswestry Glass had submitted a quote for a new oak frame which would cost £110 plus VAT. It was agreed to authorise the refurbishment.


Cllr S Marshall had attended the latest meeting of the cluster group; he reported that the majority of members were supporting the group in taking over the management of the library in Llanfyllin.

A quotation had been received to manage street cleansing and grounds maintenance for the group, but it had been considered to be a bit high and they were seeking further quotes.

Members had been informed that the proposed Company formation papers were almost ready for signing; Cllr Chaloner proposed that Llanfechain CC continue with joining the cluster and that Cllr S Marshall represent the community by becoming a director, Cllr Ellis seconded, all were agreed.


  It was agreed that the Clerk write a letter to Mr Doug Holmes, inviting him to carry out the duties as internal auditor for the end of year accounts.

  The Council’s Risk Assessment covering finance and management of the Council’s affairs, was reviewed, no changes were suggested. Cllr Chaloner proposed the review was adequate for the needs of the Council, Cllr Ellis seconded, all were agreed.


Application for affordable dwelling and detached garage at land adjacent Fairview Llangedwyn, had been received; there were no objections or responses.


The Clerk had requested a hard copy of the Improvement Plan Survey and had also been given an extension for submission. As the survey was quite lengthy, it was proposed that all Councillors would complete the survey; Cllr G Marshall volunteered to collate the answers and prepare a final copy for submission.


The Chair was concerned about the delay from Powys CC in sending a gully emptying vehicle to the area, considering it had been requested by the Clerk 2 months ago, with subsequent requests from Cllr Thomas also being ignored.

Cllr Thomas had again recently been in touch with the department to ask why there were continued delays over this issue. He was informed that the matter would be looked into.

The suggestion that a private company should be engaged was rejected; deemed to be too expensive and permission would still have to be gained from Powys CC to enter the drains.


  National Assembly consultation on changing the name of the National Assembly, deadline 3/3/2017. Cllr G Marshall considered that the proposal was a waste of tax payer’s money, as any major re-branding would be very expensive. It was agreed to strongly object against any name change as being a waste of money to the taxpayer, a burden on all those associated with the National Assembly and could be a waste of time as the current title would probably continue to be used by the majority of residents in Wales.

  Welsh Government consultation on the proposed ban of the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics, deadline 28/2/2017

  Welsh Government request responses to Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance, deadline 2/3/2017

  Welsh Government consultation on Reform of School Governance: regulatory framework, deadline 17/2/2017

  Powys Teaching Health Board - Draft Everyday Health and Care Strategy, deadline 21/2/2017


  Powys CC - LDP timeline chart

  Powys CC- Electoral Services – invitation to attend meeting in Welshpool on 8/3/2017 about the review by the Boundary Commission.

  OVW – minutes of last meeting

  Welsh Government – Town and Community Councils Survey

  Powys CC – Payroll support to Community Councils

  Powys CC – notification of test census to take place in Montgomeryshire

  Powys CC – Street naming & numbering document

  Chris Davies MP – correspondence on Further Focus Changed to the LDP

  MHMC – invitation to attend a meeting with PAVO, concerning the future of the community shop and memorial hall, on 8/2/2017 at 2pm Cllr S Marshall offered to attend the meeting.

  Wales Remembers – information on forthcoming events

  Wales Audit Office – report on lack of engagement with the Third Sector

  Powys Community Health Council – meeting schedule

  Audit Wales – Improvements required of financial management in Community & Town Councils

  Welsh Government – white paper on reforming local government



 A. Village Hall Precept. It was proposed by Cllr Chaloner to pay the previously agreed amount of £600 to the Memorial Hall, seconded by Cllr Ellis


Community Account - £10,119.77 (Final instalment of Precept received of £2,166)

Business Money Manager Account - £697.50

The meeting ended at 8.45pm

Date of next meeting March 7th 2017