Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain


A meeting was held on February 2nd 2016 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)  Cllr J Humphreys   Cllr B Ellis Cllr H Morris  Cllr C Richards      

Members of the public 5


Cllr P Williams had sent his apologies. County Cllr G Thomas was absent from the meeting.


The minutes of the January meeting were accepted as correct.


Cllr Humphreys declared a prejudicial interest in the item under Planning


1. The Clerk had written to the Portfolio Holder about applying for a Community Asset Transfer of the Recreation Field. A reply had yet to be received.

2. Councillors had considered the draft letter to Russell George AM about the condition of roads after harvesting and erosion of roads after flooding. The suggested amendments were approved and it was agreed to send it to the agreed list of recipients

3. Discussions of the location of Play area and equipment were postponed until after the next parent & governors meeting.


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas did not attend the meeting


Recreation Field

 Inspection report for February had yet to be received.

 The Clerk asked Councillors to consider by the next meeting the need for a ROSPA inspection on the play equipment, as it will eventually be replaced.


Cllr Richards attended the last meeting with Llanfyllin TC and the Cluster Group.

Council had received a spreadsheet outlining current spending on certain services supplied to the members of the Cluster Group, but Llanfechain had been omitted as no figures had been made available. Cllr Brautigam asked if LCC could provide an estimate of costs for inclusion. Cllr Richards, who represents LCC, based his calculations on the cost of services supplied to a similar sized village in the Cluster. A figure of £3,462 was put forward for road cleaning and litter bin emptying.

The current offer put forward by Powys CC to cover the cost of providing the same level of services, currently received, was disappointing. The Cluster Group is hoping to negotiate an increase, but is not hopeful. A rise in precepts for many communities is expected to cover the shortfall. Cllr Richards pointed out that the only other option offered was to have no services at all, which would mean no street cleaning or emptying of street litter bins.


Cllr Humphreys left the meeting room during the discussions.

 Additional information had been received concerning the application of the erection of an agricultural building at The Gables: Retrospective application to remove a section of the hedge at the junction with B4393, move back and replant.

Councillors conducted a full debate and came to a unanimous decision to recommend that the hedge removal wasn’t justified and was likely to encourage increased numbers and size of vehicles.

 Complaints had also been received about the noise and increased road activity that the existing agricultural building is already causing. Reports of work being carried out both early morning and late nights were listed, causing disturbance to neighbouring residents. Other complaints included mud on the road and, because of the deterioration of the lane, excessive noise from agricultural vehicles traversing it many times during the day.

It was decided to respond to the Planning Officer and ask for further scrutiny of the full application with a view to calling in the application to be decided by a full planning committee.

It was also agreed to send a copy to an Environmental Health Officer.


 Engineers at Powys CC, had inspected the river bank opposite Rose Cottage, it was concluded that the road/bank is not at an immediate risk and the road construction is structurally sound. The wall would be inspected in the spring and the wooden fence is to be made more secure.


The Clerk reported on the current state of the condition of the Circular Trail. A stile had totally collapsed and was dangerous to walkers, reinstatement of footpaths after re- sowing had not been done, and there were no warning notices alerting walkers of the removal of the bridge at Brongain.

A member of the public also showed Councillors a photograph of an offensive and intimidating sign that had been erected alongside a section of the footpath, as a joke. It was hoped that the person responsible would remove it as soon as possible.

Considering the amount of work, time and money that had been put into creating the Circular Trail, Councillors were urged to request action from the Rights of Way Enforcement Officer, to ensure that this route is once again made available to the public. It was considered that a lack of respect had been shown to the community by the landowners.

Councillors agreed to attempt walking the Circular Trail, to ascertain the issues raised.


Cllr Morris had attended the recent Cycle Network meeting; he reported that landowners are to be approached about opening up suitable routes. Minutes of their last meeting had been received


 It was agreed to set the village hall precept for 2016/17 at £600

 A Notice of Section 137 Expenditure Limit for 2016/17 had been set at £7.42 per elector

 The Clerk distributed copies of the Financial Risk Assessment, for approval at the next meeting.


 North Montgomeryshire Local Council Forum – minutes of November meeting.

 OVW – guide to participating in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons celebrations on 21/4/2016

 Russell George – newsletter

 One Voice Wales – invitation to join

 Powys CC – Waste and recycling update

 Go Safe – newsletter on road safety in Wales


A. Payment of £100 lease for Recreation Field, to Powys CC. Proposed by Cllr Richards, seconded by Cllr Ellis


 Notice of a planning application to erect an agricultural building at Wernyglyn, Bwlch y Ddar, had been received. Councillors will be given the chance to respond before the next meeting.

 A Notice of Consultation on the Schedule of Proposed Focussed Changes to the LDP, to run until 11/3/2016. As the notice had only arrived that day, it was decided to allow Councillors 3 weeks to study the documents and to hold an extraordinary meeting on 23/2/2016, to discuss any response to be made.


An annual session, to give Councillors a chance to consider putting forward an individual or a group from the community; for an award.

The meeting ended at 9.15pm

Date of next ordinary meeting 8th March 2016