Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain.

Donations Policy

  1. All donations must have an available benefit to members of the Community of Llanfechain. This does not exclude organisations outside the Community.
  1. Donations to organisations that have a statutory duty to provide services should not normally be considered.
  1. Donation applications from within the Community would normally be considered upon application.
  1. Applications from outside the Community would normally be considered at the financial year end, normally the March Community Council meeting.
  1. Applications from village organisations should be accompanied by a copy of the latest audited accounts.
  1. All applications for donations will be considered on an equal basis alongside applications from organisations that have previously been successful. Previous success should not be regarded as reason for additional funding or vice versa
  1. Those applications detailing the purpose of the donation are more likely to be successful.
  1. Applications that would benefit an individual would not normally be considered.
  1. At the time of Precept the level of donations should be an agenda item.
  1. Donation applications should not conflict with other Llanfechain Community Council policies.
  1. Llanfechain Community Council will monitor the use and outcome of donations.
  1. Exceptions to this policy may be agreed by a unanimous decision of the council.