Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain


A meeting was held on December 8th 2015 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr P Williams (Chair)      Cllr S Chaloner (Vice Chair)  Cllr B Ellis       Cllr H Morris  Cllr C Richards      

Members of the public 8


Cllr J Humphreys and County Cllr G Thomas had both sent their apologies.


The minutes of the November meeting were accepted as correct.


1. Cllr Williams proposed that a donation of £300 be made to St. Garmon’s Church, towards the maintenance of the grounds. Cllr Ellis seconded. A decision was deferred to the January meeting.

2.  It was noted that future audits would be looking at how budgets were decided.  An updated account summary was also noted. The Chair explained and then presented a draft budget for £13,285 and consequent precept of £6600 for the FY16/17.  It included the proposed donation to the Church for grass cutting and the first of two donations of £2500 towards the playground capital costs.  Given the prospect of the Community Council having to take on services currently provided by PCC some provision was included. The proposed Budget can be seen by clicking here.

3. Information about applying for Community Asset Transfers had been received. At the last meeting it was suggested that LCC consider making an application to Powys CC for the transfer of ownership of the Recreation Field. Cllr Williams proposed that a formal application be made, Cllr Ellis seconded, all agreed.


After considerable research, surveys and questionnaires, the committee had put together specifications of designs to obtain quotes from 6 companies. It was hoped to create a shortlist of 3 to present to LCC in early 2016. So far funds of over £1,000 have been raised, and the Chair asked Council if LCC should consider a financial contribution towards the scheme which would be included in the budget figures. All Councillors agreed that in principal LCC should offer financial support subject to further details. Cllr Williams proposed that a sum of £5,000 payable over 2 years be considered. Cllr Ellis seconded.


Recreation Field

Inspection report for December had been received

PAVO has launched a “Play Network Scheme” to promote improved play areas for children in communities throughout Powys. LCC was asked for a Councillor to become the “Play Champion” for Llanfechain. The Chair, who is on the Playground Project Committee, volunteered for his name to be put forward.

PAVO is also running an online survey for children, parents, grandparents and carers to assess play provision in Powys.

A suggestion was put forward that the redundant advertising boards, currently situated on the recreation field fence, be removed as they no longer serve a purpose and are also deteriorating and untidy. It was agreed to remove them subject to consulting with Llanfechain FC.


It was decided to apply for a Training bursary, offered to Councillors, towards paying for half the costs of training on Community Asset Transfer by OVW which had been attended by Cllr Williams and the Clerk.

Donation Request from British Red Cross was noted.

HSBC had sent a notice of the closure of their branch in Llanfyllin, next year. They explained that customers will be able to access their money through the PO. The Clerk suggested that the PO service in the Community Shop and the Directors of the shop be approached, with a request to sound out the possibility of PO services being extended to more opening hours to allow residents easier access to basic banking facilities.


The Chair and Cllr Richards recently attended a meeting with Llanfyllin TC to discuss the new Articles of Association for the intended Community Interest Company. Each Community in the Cluster can nominate 1 named Director; other Councillors can also apply to be ‘Members ‘(Shareholders) if they wish and the chair encouraged them to do so.

Cllr Richards volunteered to become the Director; there were no objections or other volunteers. It was agreed to accept his offer.

A letter outlining the levels of funding proposed by Powys CC, had been passed on from Llanfyllin TC, who were concerned with the proposals and now plan to meet with the Portfolio Holder to discuss them. In the meantime, planning would continue to form a CIC. The next meeting will be on 19th January.


A number of Councils in Wales have been requested to publish some of their documents in a bilingual format. It was agreed that the Clerk should make enquiries about the costs involved in providing this service if required in the future.


Additional information illustrating visibility of the access road concerning the application for erection of a new agricultural building at The Gables had been received. No comments were put forward.

The Chair reminded Councillors that any if a planning application that comes before the Council raises any objections, there should be a meeting, or an extraordinary meeting if required, to raise the issues and that the applicant is aware of that meeting and given the opportunity to attend.

He also reminded Cllrs that if an application for development is made at a location near to where they live, they should declare a prejudicial interest and withdraw from the meeting.


Report from Cllr Richards on dangerous road surface at Bwlch y Ddar, which has been passed onto Powys CC.

A complaint about mud on road after harvesting had been received. The Clerk had requested a road sweeper through County Cllr Thomas, which has now been through the village. But he had noted that the verges on the main road had been damaged and inevitably the drains would now be blocked as a result of heavy rain washing mud off the road, which he had also passed on to Powys CC. Comments were made about the fact that no attempts had been made to clear the pavements after harvesting.

Cllr Morris stated as how this was becoming a national problem after maize harvesting and there seemed to be mud on all the roads at this time of year. The maize is the wrong crop to be growing in this area. The Chair suggested that the problem be raised at a higher level and proposed that he draft a letter to Russell George AM, for consideration at the next meeting.

A member of the public raised a long standing issue of the deterioration of the road alongside the river over the bridge by Rose Cottage. In 2009 this road was supposed to have been inspected by Highways and the Environment, but nothing ever came of it. Due to the heavy recent rainfall, the river became swollen and has further undermined the bank in that area. It was decided to draft a letter of concern to the relevant departments.

It had been noted that the parking of vehicles outside the school entrance was creating a hazardous situation for pedestrians exiting the school and because of the amount of leaves on the pavement; pedestrians had to walk down the middle of the road because of cars parked outside the school. Cllr Richards responded that the school was aware of this situation; the warning white line markings outside the school gates having almost disappeared meant that some cars were parking too close to the gates. Parents and staff will be advised on this issue.

Another hazardous situation had been identified outside the Memorial Hall. Vehicles are exiting the car park outside the Hall via the disabled access and driving across the pavement, instead of using the car park entrance. Reports of near misses by pedestrians had been received and it was decided to speak to the Hall Management and the Directors of the Community Shop and ask them to highlight this dangerous practice to their customers.  The clerk was also asked to investigate the provision of posts that would prevent cars exiting via this route.

Cllr Richards suggested requesting Community Speedwatch. For years there have been road safety concerns about the speed of some vehicles on the main road. This scheme would train volunteers to use speed cameras to detect cars going too fast. No prosecutions would be issued but an advisory letter would be received by drivers exceeding the speed limit.

It has been shown that this method acts as a deterrent in a lot of cases and communities feel that something positive is being done to reduce speeding vehicles. There is no cost to the community as all equipment, training and clothing will be provided.  Any evidence of speeding gathered could add weight to seeking improved signage on the road and further deterrents to speed. The Council agreed to Cllr Richards further exploring this initiative.


The Information Board at the entrance to The Mount was found to be in urgent need of repair. Cllr Morris offered to repair it.

Ramblers Cymru is urging Community Councils to work with them to protect Rights of Way. They also sent a copy of their new leaflet outlining Community Councils responsibilities for ROW

Ms Prince, a local and from the Ramblers Association pointed out that the Circular Trail, which was developed with the assistance of the Community Council,  had  been unwalkable for 2 years, mainly due to changing agricultural cropping. Pathways had not been kept clear within the statutory time and the bridge had still not been replaced.


Cllr Ellis attended the Village Show meeting and reported that the Show did make a small profit this year and are basically financially sound.

Cllr Morris attended the meeting about a proposed cycle network in the Cain, Tanat and Vyrnwy Valleys. There is a lot of interest to form a network through the valleys.  Funding is being sought to conduct a feasibility study and residents along the proposed routes will be consulted.

Cllr Morris also attended the Memorial Hall Committee meeting who reported a small profit. The Community Shop still needs volunteers.


Guidance for Allotments and Community led Gardening Projects. Respond online or via email

Policing Priorities – respond on line or paper copy available from police stations. Deadline 15/01/2016

Welsh Government – Green Growth Investment Support deadline 29/1/2016

Welsh Government – Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill. Deadline 15/2/2016


Tregynon Council  – Urging villages to enter the best kept Montgomeryshire Village

Russell George – November newsletter

Powys CC – Notice that from 1st January 2016, paper copies of planning applications will no longer be sent out to local councils.

Russell George – Mobile Phone update

Natural Resource Wales – newsletter

Shrewsbury and Telford NHS – newsletter

Women’s and Children’s NHS Services- quarterly update.


A. Invoice of £67.20 Inc. VAT for grass cutting on the Recreation Field. Payment was proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Richards, all agreed.

B. Invoice for £90 from OVW for training costs that the Chair and Clerk attended. Payment was proposed by Cllr Ellis seconded by Cllr Chaloner.


A member of the public pointed out a confusion that occurred during the floods on the road; that detour signs were directing traffic to take another longer route, when it was unnecessary, as the flooding occurred after the junction to the village, and was causing unnecessary risks to some drivers.

The meeting ended at 9.20pm

Date of next meeting 12th January 2016