Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain


Correspondence Policy

1. All correspondence and other documents must be received by the Clerk to the Council a minimum of 24 hours prior to a meeting with the exception of items covered by section 2.

2. Exceptions to this rule are planning and other documents which require a response prior to the next meeting of the Community Council and representations or presentations from the public & outside speakers.

3. Correspondence received by the Chairman or other Councillors must also be lodged with the Clerk to the Council a minimum of 24 hours prior to a meeting.

4. All documents purporting to the responsibilities, activity or business of the Community Council should be introduced in the way described above.

5. Correspondence will not be available to any Councillors prior to a meeting of the Community Council unless the document had been initially addressed and received by that Councillor who would have sole sight other than the Clerk prior to the meeting.

6. As with any other issue Councillors will have the option for more informed discussion at later meetings. Urgent and financial matters may require a decision at the meeting in which they are introduced.

7. This policy also includes prepared statements or responses from Councillors. Such documents are also covered by this 24 hour rule.

8. Once introduced into Council, correspondence and other documents shall be deemed to be in the public domain with the exception of confidential items, for example personal or employment related issues.

9. In exceptional circumstances the policy may be set aside at an individual meeting by a unanimous decision of Councillors.

10. This and other written policies should be made available to each Councillor for their approval at the Annual General Meeting or at the first meeting following an election.

11. Interpretation of this policy will comply with the Freedom of Information Act