Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain.

Consultation Guidelines Policy Document

Consultations received must be presented to the council for a decision on whether the Community Council should respond to them.

If a consultation document requires a response specifically from Llanfechain Community Council at least four councillors must agree to take part in order that the consultation will be representative of the whole community.

The clerk will provide participating councillor’s with copies of the consultation documents and all relevant paper work; and they should return to her a clear, concise version of their views as soon as possible.

The clerk will then prepare a final draft, based solely on these views and send copies to each contributing councillor for checking and adjustments if necessary, after which, the completed document will, if possible be put before the council at the next meeting for approval.

A document must never be sent without being checked and agreed by all the contributing councillors.

A copy will be retained by the clerk together with the names of the participating councillors.

If less than four councillors wish to respond the Community council must not do so.


Some consultation documents received, ask councillors to give their own opinions.

If the consultation permits, the councillors may respond individually, but must declare that they are the author of the document and their views are not those of the Community Council.

Once completed, councillors should send responses to the clerk for copying and forwarding.

If a response is emailed direct by a councillor a copy should be sent to the clerk for the files.


During the summer recess, or when the deadline is too short to wait until the next meeting, the clerk will contact councillors to advise them of any consultation documents received.

In the case of a joint consultation requiring at least four councillors to respond, each stage must be completed as quickly as possible to allow the clerk to follow the guidelines set out above.

Those councillors wishing to take part individually in consultations should ensure they get their responses back to the clerk well before the cut off date (a minimum of 1 week before the deadline) or email their response themselves and provide a copy for the clerks records.