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Llanfechain Community Council

Cyngor Bro Llanfechain

A meeting was held on April 11th 2017 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair) Cllr S Marshall Cllr G Marshall County Cllr G Thomas

Members of the public 6


Cllr B Ellis had sent his apologies.


The minutes of the March meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chair


No declarations were made


Mud on the road has been a priority issue for a number of years especially in the spring and autumn. PC Jones listed 15 complaints received since 2012 from Llanfechain; he realised that the response from the police over this issue had not been satisfactory as far as some residents were concerned; a colleague of his had been to visit the farmer concerned and had been assured that a road cleaning device was regularly used after field work had been completed, and that he did his best to ensure the mud deposits were kept to a minimum. He was, however, asked to use professional warning signage in future.

A concerned resident pointed out that unfortunately the pavements are never cleaned by Powys CC afterwards and during dry spells the mud dries into dust which due to the volume of traffic, is disturbed causing air pollution for pedestrians.

Advice was also sought about dog fouling, which should be reported to Environmental Health and if needed the police would have a chat with them. Other issues raised were the large numbers of trials bikes visiting most weekends, speeding vehicles and unstable loads on farm vehicles. When asked about the use of amber warning signs on tractors: they need only be illuminated when driving on dual carriageways.

Their advice was to take photographs whenever possible and to pass them on to the local police or County Council depending on the offence. They hoped to be more responsive in the future to any complaints received.


The Chair, Cllr Chaloner declared that she will not be standing for re-election this year.

a) As the elections are next month it was agreed to postpone the new guidelines for Councillors until a new Council had been formed.

b) Cllr G Marshall proposed that the Council should consider involving young people more. She suggested that interest be raised through social media web sites and inviting pupils from high school to shadow meetings. To be actioned by the new Council

c) Both the Community Shop and the Plas yn Dinas Inn have agreed to suggestion boxes being placed in their premises, together with a comments/suggestion sheet for residents to use.

To be actioned by the new Council

d) Cllr G Marshall commented on some of the correspondence in the circulation folder was arriving too late for any action to be taken by the Council. It was agreed that in future any items with deadlines before the next meeting should be passed on to Councillors as soon as possible for their consideration. Cllr Thomas stated that it was also the duty of Councillors to pick up on any relevant correspondence that was presented at meetings.

To be actioned by the Clerk


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas reported that a section of the B4393 had been resurfaced.

New funding has been found for some schools; Llanfyllin High School has a new Headmaster.

The newly formed County Council will be discussing the Renewable Energy section of the LDP and he was hopeful that the reduced hours at recycling centres would also be reviewed.


7. Recreation Field

a) The inspection sheets for March& April had been received. It was noted that the report mentioned branches littering the field; it was agreed to ask the cutting contractor if he could remove them.

To be actioned by the Clerk

It was also noted from the inspection sheets that the wooden fence at the edge of the Hall car park still hasn’t been satisfactorily repaired after being damaged last year by a reversing vehicle. Cllr Thomas volunteered to speak with the persons concerned.

To be actioned by Cllr Thomas

b) It was proposed by Cllr Chaloner not to proceed with the invitation of a ROSPA report on the play equipment, as it was considered that the regular monthly checks were adequate until the new play area has been installed. Cllr Thomas seconded, all were in favour.

c) Cllr G Marshall proposed that Llanfechain Football Club be asked for their annual contribution of 25% of the total annual cost of maintaining the recreation field. Cllr Thomas seconded, all were in favour.

To be actioned by the Clerk

d) Due to personal problems, Mrs H Renwick had unavoidably delayed submitting the application for Lottery funding towards the new play equipment. An updated version of the Partnership agreement had been submitted to the Council for signing by the Chair. Cllr Chaloner proposed that the agreement be signed, Cllr S Marshall seconded, and all were in favour.


Cllr S Marshall had been unable to attend the last meeting, however, Cllr Thomas, who had attended, told Council that it had been poorly attended, a lot of questions had been raised and that some communities were now unsure about joining, so far only a few members had come forward to be Directors. The company had yet to be formed as they awaited further advice and information from a solicitor.

To be actioned by Cllr S Marshall


Although this issue has shown some improvement since the last meeting, it was agreed that the Council should go ahead with the plan of having more advisory signs erected around the village, especially on the roads leading into the village and around the recreation field and school gatesarea. Despite requesting signs from Powys CC, there had been no promises of their delivery. The Clerk was asked to write again and to also ask about the possibility of erecting non-regulation signage provided by the Community Council.

To be actioned by the Clerk


a) A refusal notice for the application to build affordable home at Fairview, Llangedwyn had been received.

b) Powys LDP Examination of Renewable Energy Session & Monitoring Hearing Session had been postponed


Cllr Thomas had been informed that the gullies had at last been emptied in Llanfechain, but on closer inspection he realised that they had only actually cleaned out the 2 in the middle of the village. He stated that he would pursue this issue with Powys CC and endeavor to get them to return to complete the work.

To be actioned by Cllr Thomas


Cllr S Marshall had attended both the ordinary meeting and the AGM of the Memorial Hall Management Committee. He informed Council that a definite demarcation between the Community Shop and the Hall had been agreed with regard to the cost of utility bills. The Community Shop had also agreed to donate to the Hall the sum of £1,500 out of their profits.


Due to the Chair not standing for election this year; it was necessary for a new bank mandate to be completed.

Cllr G Marshall proposed that the Council resolve that a bank account be continued with HSBC Bank plc; all cheques have to be signed on behalf of the Council by the Clerk and 2 of the named Councillors; the Bank will hold in safe keeping any item on behalf of the Council against the written instructions of the Clerk and the Chair; any debts incurred by the Council will be repaid on demand; the Clerk is authorised to supply the Bank with lists of persons authorized to sign, give receipts and act on behalf of the Council and that the Bank may rely on such lists.

These resolutions will remain in force until changed by resolution of the Council and a copy, certified by the Chair and the Clerk is received by the Bank. The Council also accepts that the accounts and relationship with the Bank will be subject to the terms and conditions laid down.

Seconded by Cllr S Marshall and all were agreed. To be actioned by the Clerk


The Clerk raised a concern regarding some drivers who continued to exit the Hall’s car park via the disabled pavement access. Being a health and safety issue, it was agreed to ask the Committee’s Chair if the subject could be raised at their next meeting.

To be actioned by the Clerk& Cllr S Marshall


The Electoral officer had discussed her concerns with the Clerk about the lack of interest shown by the community to stand for the election of Community Councillors. She considered that LCC would not be able to function properly with just 3 Councillors, being the absolute minimum to be quorate.

The officer suggested that a concerted effort be made to co-opt new members as soon as possible, otherwise, if no new members came forward by the end of July, serious consideration should be given to amalgamate LCC with another adjoining community council.

Cllr G Marshall suggested that a leaflet drop could be carried out, and that the first action of the new council after the elections were over, would be to make a concerted effort to co-opt new members.

To be actioned by all Councillors


Cllr G Marshall asked if any progress had been made towards enabling all browsers to access the Council’s web site. MrD Ward, who manages the site, stated he was still researching this issue.


a) Powys CC – Code of Conduct training deferred to OVW. Cllr G Marshall asked Cllr Chaloner if she would consider conducting a short tutorial to any new members that joined.

b) PAVO – notice of Community Health & Well Being Co-ordination Service

c) Llanfyllin YFC – request for a donation towards the production of a theatre performance. Cllr Thomas declared an interest in this item. It was agreed to postpone a decision until the next meeting.

d) Powys CC – notice of new opening hours for recycling centres

e) OVW Montgomeryshire Forum – notice of next meeting

f) Roger Hurst – e petition proposing a levy on professional football clubs to provide some funding for children’s play areas

g) Powys Teaching Health Board – Health & Care Strategy for Powys

h) Powys CC – change of primary admission age to Powys Primary Schools

i) Welsh Government – revised edition of The Good Councillor’s Guide



The Clerk’s quarterly invoice of Office expenses £48.21, wages £559.63, payment was proposed by Cllr Chaloner and seconded by Cllr S Marshall, all agreed.


Community Account - £9,445.77

Business Money Manager Account - £697.57

19. AOB


j) Community Assets Transfer of Recreation Field

k) Powys CC – New Waste collection day arrangements delayed

l) Powys CC - ROW email about Brongain Bridge

m) Information about Tree Charter

n) Montytrax Challenge and update on feasibility study

o) Cae Post – offer of plastic film recycling

p) One Voice Wales – publication of manifest and their response to the Reform of Local Government White Paper

The meeting ended at 9.15pm

Date of AGM and ordinary next meeting May 9th 2017