A meeting was held on April 5th 2016 at Llanfechain Memorial Hall  


Cllr S Chaloner (Chair), Cllr J Humphreys (Vice Chair), Cllr C Richards, County Cllr G Thomas  

Members of the public 4  


Cllr B Ellis had sent his apologies  


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as correct.  


1. The School Governors had discussed at length the location of the proposed Play area and equipment, and decided that locating the play area in the school grounds did not fit in with the strategic and long term future of the school. They also considered that the safeguarding of pupils could be an issue. 

2. Montytrax, the cycle route initiative had asked the Community Council for a letter to support their application for funding a feasibility study. Their application having been submitted earlier than expected, it was considered best to ask them if they still required a letter from the Council. 


Designs from 3 companies have now been shortlisted, and will be put on display in the foyer of the memorial hall and at the school. The public will be asked to vote for their preferred choice. Voting slips will be available at the school and Community Shop.  


County Councillor Gwynfor Thomas reported that he had received a number of complaints about the rise in Council Tax despite the reduction in services supplied by Powys CC.  

He had been very disappointed about not being included in a meeting that Powys CC had held with Llanfyllin TC about the future of Llanfyllin Library. He had expressed his concerns about losing a service which serves a much wider community than just Llanfyllin and considered that representatives from all communities in the area should have been invited to the meeting.  

Cllr Richards suggested that a letter be sent from Llanfechain CC, objecting to any cuts or deterioration of services provided by the library. 



Cllr Richards had drawn up draft guidelines for a discussion about Councillors meeting with the public. Councillors generally agreed with the guidelines and decided to send a copy to the Head of Scrutiny at Powys CC for his observations.  

Cllr Humphreys had suggested holding regular surgeries to give residents the opportunity of open access to Councillors to raise any issues or queries. It was decided that at the end of each meeting, the public could be given this opportunity to ask questions under Any Other Business. 

In order to encourage the co-option of new Councillors, it was decided to place notices at the school, community shop and on the web site.  

Recreation Field 

Inspection report for March had been received, completed by a member of the Playground Committee.  

A contribution from the Football Club towards the upkeep of the grounds was discussed. In the past a contribution of 25% of the total costs from the previous year had been agreed. The total for 2015 was £100 lease costs and £400 to cut the grass. Cllr Chaloner proposed that a sum of £125 be requested, Cllr Humphreys seconded. 

Complaints had again been received about litter left lying on the pitch after a game, and it had also been noted that the roof of the dugout required repairs, which will be drawn to their attention.  


Welshpool’s Town Clerk, Robert Robinson had offered to come to a meeting to give a presentation on how Councils can respond to planning applications. Councillors considered this to be a good idea. However, County Cllr Thomas advised that it might be more correct and informative if the Planning Department were approached with a similar request for one of their officers to attend instead. 

It was decided to write to the planning dept. to ask for their opinion.  


A request from Llanfechain Show for a donation towards this year’s show had been received. They pointed out that it would be their 50th Anniversary this year and unfortunately, they had failed to win any grants to fund the event.  


Powys Health Board – to develop a Joint Strategy for Older People 

Welsh Government – Statutory Guidance for the wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015. A request for an assessment of the local area and objectives for local wellbeing 

Welsh Government – Proposed changes to Planning Policy Wales Chapter 6, policy for consideration of the historic environment through the planning system.  




Reports from any Meetings attended/Guidance for FUTURE MEETINGS. 

Cllr Richards had attended the AGM of the Memorial Hall Committee, which had voiced concerns about the eventual loss of funding from Powys CC. Volunteers for the Community Shop are still required. Suggestions had been made about the shop making small contributions to local groups. 

One Voice Wales asked for a named representative to be nominated. Cllr Richards volunteered and will attend meetings when he can. 



Russell George – newsletter 

Montytrax -  update 

Russell George – reply to the issue of mud on the roads after harvesting 

Health Council – Survey for members of the public using District Nurses 

Zurich Insurance – Renewal letter   



An annual session held to give Councillors a chance to consider putting forward an individual or a group from the community.  


The meeting ended at 8.35pm 

Date of next meeting and AGM 10th May 2016