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The Welsh Government's Bee Friendly Scheme
 ‘Bee Friendly’ and seeks to help protect our struggling pollinators via a series of easy measures. It is also an accreditation scheme from the Welsh Government with successful projects being able to call themselves a ‘Bee Friendly’ area or village or town (similar in nature to the Fairtrade Town idea).
In 2013, The Welsh Government launched an action plan to protect pollinators in Wales, called the Action Plan for Pollinators. A Task Force group of individuals and organisations was set up to implement the action plan. The Task Force’s BEE FRIENDLY SCHEME aims to help all our pollinators by creating a nation of Pollinator-Friendly communities and organisations, schools, public bodies, town and community councils, businesses, universities and colleges, places of worship… and many other organisations all around Wales.
Although the scheme is called BEE FRIENDLY, we want people to take action to help all our pollinators, and not just bees.
Declining bee and pollinator health populations have been increasingly highlighted as a cause for concern in the UK. Research indicates that honeybees showed a 23% decline in Wales between 1985 and 2005.
Butterflies, hoverflies and many species of moth are also declining across Wales. Wild flower meadows and other semi-natural habitats that support pollinators have also decreased in area.
Pollinators are an essential part of our environment. Honeybees are the main managed pollinator of crops and also provide a crop (honey) themselves. Wild pollinators, which include bumblebees and butterflies, are also important pollinators for crops like fruit and oil seed rape, for clovers, which help to improve pastures for livestock grazing and wild flowers. They contribute to the diversity of plant species, habitats and wildlife. This provides food, makes Wales a better place for people to enjoy and visit and contributes to our economy. The BEE FRIENDLY scheme is open to schools, communities, towns, public bodies, businesses, universities and places of worship in Wales. All the information about how to achieve BEE FRIENDLY accreditation is here - http://www.biodiversitywales.org.uk/Wales-Action-Plan-for-Pollinators
Terry Howe is happy to have a chat if you are interested, you can email him at terry.howe@foe.co.uk or call 02920229577